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TickTalk 3 - Support

I am not sure if my TickTalk 3 is ONLINE or OFFLINE.

If your TickTalk 3 is properly connected to cellular data your watch face along the top will have at least one bar and the oval connection icon in the middle should be highlighted in white.

**T-Mobile customers will see either a 2G, 3G, or 4G stamp along the top as well. The area in which you live determines the strength of the cellular data.

If you have your TickTalk 3 connected to your local Wi-Fi network with a connected SIM card your watch face along the top will have at least one bar, you will see the Wi-Fi icon and the oval connection icon in the middle should be highlighted in white.

If your SIM card is not working or you are not using one but are connected to Wi-Fi, then there will not be any bars but you should see the Wi-Fi icon and the oval icon must be highlighted in white.

If the oval connection icon is in grey than you are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

My TickTalk 3 is unable to charge. 

  1. Please check to make sure the charging pins of the wire are completely touching the base of the charging pins on the watch and try again.
  2. If you keep having the charging issue with an iPhone adaptor/charger, please change to another adaptor/charger. Disconnect the charging cable, then reboot the watch to charge again. 

The watch can’t be turned on.

  1. Charge it first. Click the Power Button to check the battery level after 30 minutes. 
  2. Hold the Power button for 10 seconds after the watch has been fully charged. 

Why am I seeing a red exclamation mark when I send a text message to the TickTalk 3?

Please follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Check to see if your child's TickTalk 3 is ONLINE or OFFLINE. If it is OFFLINE this could be the issue. Charge the TickTalk 3 and / or check to see if you have cellphone service.
  2. If your child's TickTalk 3 is ONLINE then simply sign out of the App and sign back in. This should fix this issue.
  3. If signing out and signing back in does not fix this issue then delete the TickTalk 3 App entirely and reinstall. This should fix the issue.

My child is sending me text messages but when I check the App I am not seeing any text message or any text message history?

Please follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Check to see if your child's TickTalk 3 is ONLINE or OFFLINE. If it is OFFLINE this could be the issue. Charge the TickTalk 3 and / or check to see if you have cellphone service.
  2. If your child's TickTalk 3 is ONLINE then simply sign out of the App and sign back in. This should fix this issue.
  3. If signing out and signing back in does not fix this issue then delete the TickTalk 3 App entirely and reinstall. This should fix the issue.

The back arrow on the TickTalk 3 watch face does not always work. How can I fix this?

With the operating system update we have enlarged the back arrow just a bit to make it easier to respond to your touch. Since the watch face is small in comparison to most adult finger size we suggest you use your left small finger to try to touch the back arrow. We have also enabled the red button on the side of the watch to work as the back button in case the arrow does not respond to your touch.

I powered down my TickTalk 3 by pressing on both the silver and red button and it will not power up. Why?

You must only use the silver button to power on/down your TickTalk 3. 

The screen is frozen after the watch is turned on. 
Hold the silver Power Button for 10 seconds to restart the watch and refresh the operation system.  

The TickTalk 3 is not reading the SIM card. 

  1. Put the watch close to the window or door for a better reception, then tap the silver Power Button and reboot the watch. 
  2. Check with the SIM carrier and confirm if the watch is compatible with your carrier's frequency band. 
  3. Make sure your SIM's metal part is facing up when you install the SIM. 
  4. Make sure you have activated the SIM and credit your account before your insert the SIM. If you have inserted the SIM, after you activate the SIM and credit your account, please reboot the watch. 

I'm using my own carrier's SIM and service, but the watch is not working. 
Make sure your monthly plan is a REGULAR PHONE PLAN WITH TALK, TEXT  AND DATA. ANY "WEARABLE","DIGITS", "TRACKING" OR "TABLET" plan IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the TickTalk. You can reach your own carrier and switch to the correct plan then reboot the watch. 

My TickTalk 3 App keeps giving me the “Incorrect username or password” error, but I am positive that my password is correct. Why is it doing that?
If you have an iPhone device, it may be the case that the first letter of your email was automatically capitalized. This would mean that you should try to capitalize the first letter of your email in the username field of the “Log In” window for the TickTalk 3 app. Then, try to log in again with your password.

The touch screen does not work properly in the corner area.

  1. The touch screen does not work when it gets wet or steamy. 
  2. Please click the icons harder. 
  3. Since there is a protection edge on top of the screen, that might bother your fingers to touch the icons around the corners. You could use another finger and touch the icon from different directions. 
  4. The red button on the right side of the watch works as the GO BACK feature. 
  5. The Power Button works for shooting under the picture mode.

My TickTalk 3 is overheating.  
The working principle of our TickTalk3 is basically the same as our personal smart phones, with the smaller size of the watch, we can not avoid the overheating after you keep using it. We have added many heat insulation parts into the watch. Under normal circumstances, the maximum temperature will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you stop using the watch, temperature will drop down very quickly.

  1. The 4G version will consume much more power than the 2G version, If you enter a spot where the reception is not good, the CPU will keep searching for the signal which will generate heat.
  2. Video calls require constant uploading of data, so the CPU generates a lot of heat.
  3. Long-time use, such as talking, taking photos, sending messages, etc., will cause the CPU to generate a lot of heat.
We do recommend that you take off the watch if your child feels uncomfortable when the watch is over-heating. Stop using it for a while, the temperature will drop down very quickly. 
Why does the watch only shows one watch’s location when I click the multi-tracker icon? 
If your children are close together or at the same location, the watch icons will overlap. Please zoom in on the map or use the single watch locator feature. 
Why does the locator feature not work on my App? 
Please sign out the app and sign back in. This will refresh the app and location. 
Why I am unable to set up the watch via the APP? 
Your watch may be offline, you can restart the watch, then put it next to the window and try again. The most important thing is to see the connection icon (on the top middle of the watch screen) on the watch before setting it up via the App. If you have bad reception indoors, please connect the watch to the Wi-Fi then set up again through the App. 
The watch is always offline I have bad reception at home, what can I do? 
The TickTalk 3 comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity. Please set up the Wi-Fi connection for the watch. The watch will save and remember your preset Wi-Fi passwords, once your child returns back home, it will connect to your home Wi-Fi automatically. You don’t need to set up the Wi-Fi every time. Once it’s connected to the Wi-Fi, all features will still function the same. 
The video call quality is not very clear. 
If it’s at night or in a dark room, the quality of the image transmitted by the watch will be affected by light. Please use it in a well-lit environment. 
The picture taken by the TickTalk 3 is not clear enough.
  1. Please be at least 15 inches away from the camera when you take a picture or selfie, the camera can’t focus if the object is too close to it.
  2. Do not shake the watch or wrist when shooting.
  3. Try to shoot in a well-lit environment.
  4. Keep the camera clean.

How to turn the ringtone volume down?
Swipe the watch screen and click the Gear icon to go Settings. Scroll down and click Volume, you can adjust the volume here for the ringtones.

How to turn up/down the speaker volume for calls?
You can adjust the in-call volume during an active call. Try initiating a call with your watch, or simply calling the watch with another phone. Either way, it doesn't matter, just get to the point that the watch screen changes to the currently-in-a-call screen. You will notice that there is a big red icon with a phone on it. This is your "hang up" button. Then, there should be 2 other buttons on the screen: a "plus" (+) icon and a "minus" (-) icon. Please repeatedly tap the "plus" icon and pay attention to the row of dots below. Do you see the dots moving from left to right, as if they're filling in and the volume is going "higher"? Or does it look like they're not moving at all, indicating that the volume was already at maximum? 

Why the Parents and/or Contacts’ phone numbers can’t be sync to the watch?
When you log in the App, click the 3-line icon on the top left, it’ll show the Mom, Dad and SOS settings. Click each icon to preset the numbers. Make sure to enter your number without any spaces, parentheses, or dashes, as this will prevent the TickTalk from storing the number correctly. The preferred format for contacts is 5555555555, using ONLY numbers 0-9. If the contacts are entered as 555-555-5555 or (555) 555-5555, then the TickTalk may not make or receive calls properly. Do NOT enter the country code in front of your ten-digit number.
To transfer your contacts and any other information programmed in your APP to your TickTalk you must have a compatible GSM SIM card with activated data on your plan. Please be sure that you have a SIM card for a regular cell phone and not a wearable or digits plan. Make sure you activate the SIM card and credit your account before using. 

Can my TickTalk accept calls from or place calls to international numbers?
TickTalk can not place or receive international calls. It can only make and receive calls from US to US and from Europe to Europe. It’s because the watch’s hardware does not allow for it to accept the additional numbers required for the country code. It only works with standard 10-digit phone numbers.

How to call 911 from my TickTalk 3?
When TickTalk 3 screen is black, tap the silver button once and the red button twice to call 911.

The Super Hearing is not working, why?
For the privacy and safety reason, only the Primary User can use the Super Hearing function. The Primary user will be the first person to pair to the watch in the App as default. To use this function, please click the Phone icon at the bottom, you'll be asked to set up Child's info first. After you setting up properly, click the Phone icon again, you'll see a red Super Hearing icon. Then you’ll need to input your phone number as Listener’s number (DO NOT INPUT your kid’s phone number in that box). The TickTalk will call you back within 1 min. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on in your TickTalk’s surrounding but your end will be in silent mode (and is basically undetectable on the TickTalk’s side).

The location is not that accurate, why?
TickTalk's Locator works in 3 steps:

  1. First, it seeks the nearest public Wi-Fi hotspot and locates it.  In Wi-Fi mode, normally the accuracy is about 100-500ft.
  2. Then it seeks a GPS signal if it is unable to find a public Wi-Fi hotspot (or the signal is weak) and connects to GPS mode. In GPS mode, the accuracy is about 10-300 ft, but this mode drains more power from your watch battery.
  3. If it is unable to find and connect to a public Wi-Fi or GPS signal then it seeks the nearest Cellular Tower signal and uses the cell tower location. The accuracy in this mode is about 500ft to 20 miles (depends how far the cell tower is from your TickTalk).

Please see the locator icon in APP to see what mode of locating is being used.  Depending on the GPS server, locating supplier or your cellular carrier even in the same location through out the day your TickTalk may switch between different modes of locating as it switches between modes the accuracy changes.
We only provide the data via the map company, like google. Sometimes the data is updated but the map company does not update on time, that is reason why you got a wrong address.
We use the Wi-Fi mode as the priority locating mode since GPS locating usually takes 30 seconds to 120 seconds but Wi-Fi locating does about 10 seconds. It’s the most efficient way to locate.

What do the 3 locator icons mean?

  • Wi-Fi icon - it will look like three signal "waves" coming off of a dot or central point, you'll recognize it easily
  • GPS icon - it will look like a GPS satellite, the kind floating around in space
  • Cell tower icon - it will look like a tall cellular tower with signal waves coming out of the top
This will help you understand what kind of accuracy you can expect, given the method being used, because it represents what kind of signal is available to the watch where it currently is. So you won't have to panic or get frustrated. This does not mean the watch is broken or everything is being buggy, it's actually doing exactly what it's supposed to do. The watch will always try to find the strongest and most accurate signal for giving you a location.
TickTalk uses very simple, efficient, and minimal amount of data, which is why it's so cheap to get a monthly plan for it. And it's more than enough for what the watch needs to work.
Getting the best GPS signal: Like with your car's navigation system, if you drive into an underground tunnel or parking structure, you will lose your GPS signal. The same goes for this watch. The best place it will work is when the watch is outdoors and moving around.
Based on which method is being used, here are some ways to think about what's happening instead of worrying:
  • Wi-Fi method- "Oh, the watch is using Wi-Fi mode, I guess they're inside or can't get a GPS signal. It shows them down the street or around the corner, but I know that's still around Aunt May's neighborhood, so I know we're okay." (If, every single day, when they're at school, it shows them down the street at the same coffee shop. You can just know that, every day, when it shows the coffee shop, it "means" they're at school.)
  • GPS method- "Oh, the watch has great GPS signal here. Cool! I see exactly (or almost exactly) where they are."
  • LBS method (cell tower mode)- "Oh no. It's using cellular tower (LBS) mode. It looks like they're in the next city over or 10 miles away. I guess that location is kind of a dead zone and they don't have very much signal there. I'll keep that in mind for next time. For now, I'll just wait until they move out of that area or into a new area that falls within range of a nearby cellular tower. Once they have signal again, I'll get a better location update."

TickTalk is showing my old address on GPS for some reason.
This is because the TickTalk uses Wi-Fi as one of its location methods and if the customer is using a router that they brought over from their old address, the router still has their old address registered and that’s why it pulls up that address. To fix this, they would need to reset the router or update its address settings to the current address.

The Notification Says THE IM STOPS WORKING
That means the Instant Message feature is not working. The feature will be back to work in 1 minute after the watch connects to our server.

Do my text messages still appear on the TickTalk when it is in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode?
When on DnD, any text messages that are sent CANNOT be seen. It is completely shut down from all sounds, ringtones, calls, everything. Only the screen remains on and shows the time and the watch can still be tracked by the parents.

Why the App said there’s no History Route during the time frame I set up?
There will be no History Route under the power saving locating mode. If you want to have the History Route, go Settings of the App and switch the locating mode to the Tracking Mode.

Why won’t my SOS button work? It just says “No Setting” and doesn’t call the SOS contact.
Press the button once to wake up the screen, then hold the SOS button for three seconds to initiate the SOS call.

My child received a phone call from foreign number. How to block the foreign numbers?
Your child will not receive unwanted phone calls if the firewall is turned on. To turn on the firewall go to Settings in the App, turn on the Firewall. Once the Firewall is ON, the Ticktalk is restricted to receiving calls from the preset Contacts ONLY. No foreign numbers will go through.

I enabled the Firewall setting, but my TickTalk is still getting calls from random/unwanted numbers.
The Firewall setting is always supposed to work properly when it is enabled properly. The only time it doesn't work correctly is if there was an error in the "turn Firewall on" setting not being successfully transmitted from the app to the watch. This can happen when the watch is turned off or in an area with little or no signal (dead zone).
To fix this, simply turn the firewall off, then on again when you are sure that the watch has a good data connection. And, this time, it will be properly "set" in the watch. Then, you can test it and confirm to make sure.

What happens if I uninstall my TickTalk app? Will all my settings be deleted and revert back to factory default?

  1. If you simply uninstalls the original TickTalk app, it does not automatically change, disable, or revert-to-default any of the settings or options inside the app. It will all remain just like they had it previously.
  2. If you’re the Primary User, all the other APP users have to pair the watch again.
The watch OS upgrade failed.
  1. If the battery is lower than 35%, the upgrade program will not work. Please charge the watch then try again.
  2. If the cellular reception is weak, the upgrade program will not work. Connect the watch to the Wi-Fi and try again.
  3. If the watch screen is frozen during the upgrade, please hold the power button for 10 seconds to re-activate the system.
The Battery lasts less than one day.
Normally the watch lasts 24 hours for standby, 18 hours for an easy use. The below situation may cause the battery life is shorter than normal.
  1. The cellular reception is weak, you can try to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  2. When you’re using the cellular data, the Wi-Fi is still ON. Please go Settings on the watch and shut the Wi-Fi OFF.
  3. Use the FaceTalk video calling and real-time location too often.