Click below link to watch the video for step by step instructions on how to setup your TickTalk and App. 

TickTalk 1.0S:

TickTalk 2.0:

1. What Sim Card and monthly plan is working for the TickTalk?

The TickTalk is compatible with T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile, US Mobile and SpeedTalk.

1.1 SpeedTalk (Recommended):

The TickTalk comes with a free GSM SIM Card without any contracts and it runs on T-mobile network. Follow the easy online Sim Card Activation Instruction to activate your Sim card. Most of our customers are using the special $9 per month plan. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires. You can set up auto recharge, it's a convenient way to never run out of minutes. 

1.2 T-Mobile:

If you’re already a T-mobile user, you can add a new line to your family plan making it more affordable.

MAKE SURE YOUR T-MOBILE PLAN IS A REGULAR PHONE PLAN WITH AT LEAST 100MB DATA. ANY "PAY AS YOU GO", "WEARABLE" OR "TABLET" plan IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the TickTalk. If you purchase the wrong plan,; when you place your SIM into the watch, it'll say EMERGENCY, INVALID SIM or NO SERVICE. 

When you get the SIM card in T-mobile store, please ask the sales rep to put the SIM card into a regular cell phone to test if it can make calls, send text message and go online. This is to make sure you leave with a compatible SIM card that is activated, working meaning you have the correct plan.

1.3 Ultra Mobile:

The recommended Ultra Mobile monthly plan is $19 and includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and 100MB data.

1.4 US Mobile:

Choose the US mobile customized plan, the $9-$11 plan is good to go. Here's the link for customized plan. For data, you only need 100MB. TickTalk uses a very limited amount of data for GPS and voice messages ONLY.

After activating and inserting your US Mobile SIM card; restart your TickTalk. When the T-mobile icon is visible on the upper right hand corner of your TickTalk’s home screen, send below code by text message from your cell phone to your TickTalk’s phone number to activate the service.


2. I can’t recharge the TickTalk.

Make sure the back cover is completely ON, double check the edge close to the watch band, if the cover is not fully on, the TickTalk can’t be charged properly. Open the charging base. Put the TickTalk into the Charging Base.


Make sure the metal charging port is attached to the metal charging connector of the Charging Base properly.

Close and lock the Charging Base. Insert the charging cable into the micro USB port of the Charging Base, use the adaptor to charge. Once it’s charging, you can see a battery icon is moving in a few seconds, then goes to sleep mode while charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the TickTalk. After that, turn on the TickTalk, you can see the battery icon is completely BLUE.


3. How to Insert the sim card properly?

It is neccesary to use the micro USB size of SIM card in your TickTalk.


To insert your SIM card open the back cover. There’s a slot on the top right corner, use this to take off the back cover. Next follow the direction of the arrow to slide the metal frame and open it. Put the sim into the watch, make sure the gold chip is faced down. Slide the metal frame back over your SIM card to lock your SIM in place. You'll notice the arrow on the metal frame showing you which direction locks or unlocks your SIM. Then place the back cover of your TicKTalk back on. Be careful of the edge part close to the watch band, make sure it’s completely on. It it’s not completely on, you’ll have problem to charge the watch.

4. How to turn ON/OFF or restart the TickTalk?

Hold the top right button for 3 seconds to turn on the watch. Hold this button again until the words, “Power Off” appear on the screen. Touch, “Power Off” turn off your TickTalk.



5. Why do the words, “No service, Invalid Sim, Emergency or Insert Sim” keep appearing on my TickTalk’s home screen?

  • Please make sure your monthly plan is a regular phone plan with data, not wearable plan. The sim card looks the same for both cell phone plan and wearable plan. Please double check with your carrier.

  • Take out your Sim card and put the sim into a regular GSM cell phone (no CDMA cell phone) to test if it can make calls, send text message and go online. Then put it back to the TickTalk and restart the watch.

  • After insert the Sim card, you must RESTART the TickTalk. Wait 1-2 mins, once it pops up the T-Mobile icon and another G icon next to the signal bars, your watch is working. If you don't see the T-Mobile or G icon pops up, it might because the reception of your location is bad, please put the watch close to the window or go outdoors, restart the watch again until you see the T-Mobile icon and G icon pops up.

6. Why I can’t get the verification code? 

Please check your spam, you should receive an email from GPS SERVER SYSTEM. 
If you're using AOL mailbox, it may not receive the verification code. Please try other mailbox such as Gmail or Hotmail. 

7. Why I can hear the watch but the watch can't hear me. 

The watch's volume could be all the way down to mute. To increase or decrease your TickTalk’s volume during a call, gently tap on the appropriate icon several times until you reach the desired volume. 

8. Why the Parents and/or Contacts’ phone numbers can’t be sync to the watch?

When you log in the App, click the purple + icon, it’ll pop up the Mom, Dad and SOS icon. Click each icon to preset the numbers. Make sure to enter your number without any spaces, parentheses, or dashes, as this will prevent the TickTalk from storing the number correctly. The preferred format for contacts is 5555555555, using ONLY numbers 0-9. If the contacts are entered as 555-555-5555 or (555) 555-5555, then the TickTalk may not make or receive calls properly. Do NOT enter a 1 in front of your ten-digit number.

To transfer your contacts and any other information programmed in your APP to your TickTalk you must have a compatible GSM SIM card with activated data on your plan. Please be sure that you have a SIM card for a regular cell phone and not a wearable plan. We have found very affordable month to month plans with SpeedTalk, US Mobile and Ultra Mobile. Make sure you activate the sim card and credit your account before using. 

9. The Super Hearing is not working, why?

For the privacy and safety reason, only the Admin can use the Super Hearing function. The Admin will be the first person to pair to the watch in the App as default. To use this function, please click the Phone icon at the bottom, you'll be asked to set up Child's info first. After you setting up properly, click the Phone icon again, you'll see a red Super Hearing icon. Then you’ll need to input your phone number as Listener’s number (DO NOT INPUT your kid’s phone number in that box). The TickTalk will call you back within 1 min. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on in your TickTalk’s surrounding but your end will be in silent mode (and is basically undetectable on the TickTalk’s side).


10. How can I send the Voice Message to my child?

To send a voice message to your child go to the blue microphone icon on the home screen of the App. Then press and hold the blue microphone icon to record a voice message and release the icon to send. Slide up to cancel. You can record maximum 10 seconds voice message. Click the blue volume icon to playback your recording. When you receive a voice message from your child, you can listen or playback the voice message by clicking the green volume icon. All voice messages must be sent and received through the App. Since the voice messages will be sent and received through the internet; it’s not like a walkie-talkie. It could take a few seconds to a couple minutes depending on the data transfer speed.


11. Why the locator is not accurate, it’s like 3-5 miles away from my current location?

Click the pink locator button to show the current location. It normally takes about 1 min to transfer the data and show your current location.

 TickTalk's Locator works in 3 steps:

  1. First, it seeks the nearest public WIFI hotspot and locates it.  In WIFI mode, normally the accuracy is about 100-500ft.

  2. Then it seeks a GPS signal if it is unable to find a public WIFI hotspot (or the signal is weak) and connects to GPS mode. In GPS mode, the accuracy is about 10-300 ft, but this mode drains more power from your watch battery.

  3. If it is unable to find and connect to a public WIFI or GPS signal then it seeks the nearest Cellular Tower signal and uses the cell tower location. The accuracy in this mode is about 500ft to 20 miles (depends how far the cell tower is from your TickTalk).

Please see the locator icon in APP to see what mode of locating is being used.  Depending on the GPS server, locating supplier or your cellular carrier even in the same location through out the day your TickTalk may switch between different modes of locating as it switches between modes the accuracy changes.

*One more thing, the GPS chip is on top of the wrist band, the raised square part. For better reception of the GPS, please make sure it’s facing up, don’t cover this part with any clothing, under a desk, table, etc.; as it might block the GPS signal.


12. My child can’t receive the Text Messages I sent.

The text message is one-way, you must send the text message from the App or your child can’t receive it. If it is sent how you normally send text messages through your phone your child will not receive the text message. Click the top right icon and you’ll see text message. Click the icon and input the text then press Done. The TickTalk will receive the text message immediately.


13. How to protect the watch screen from scratch and damage?

The watch comes with a screen protector. It will protect the screen from damage. Clean the TickTalk screen before putting on the screen protector. Take off the back film first and put it in the middle of the screen, remove the bubbles then take off the front film.


14. I can’t log in the App, it said Login fail or wrong password. What should I do?

The login failed might be caused by wrong IMEI number or password. Please input correct IMEI and password to log in. If you forgot your password, please send an email to with the TickTalk IMEI number and your order ID or receipt from Amazon to request for resetting the password. We’ll reset your password to factory default again. You can change your password again after log in.

15. My child received a phone call from foreign number. How to block the foreign numbers?

Your child will not receive unwanted phone calls if the firewall is turned on. To turn on the firewall go to Settings in the App, turn on the Firewall. Once the Firewall is ON, the Ticktalk is restricted to receiving calls from the preset Contacts ONLY. No foreign numbers will go through.


16. I keep receiving a notification from my APP saying, “ Your child is taking off the watch”. But he/she isn’t taking it off. Is there any way to shut this notification off?

There’s a light sensor on the back of the TickTalk, once your child is taking off the watch, you’ll receive a notification from the App. The sensor is determined by the induction of the light, so if the watch is too loose or your child is moving the wrist too often, it’ll also send you a notification. If you think it’s not necessary, you can turn off the Alert from Setting, turn off the Take-Off Alert. 

17. My phone received a Chinese/Japanese text.

When watch battery is low, it’ll send a text message to parents’ cell phone. For English language text message notification, please send this code by text message from your cell phone to the phone number of the watch (most TickTalk’s come already programmed with English but a few seemed to have this issue).


18. I can’t enter the main interface. When I touch my TickTalk’s screen, it only shows me 3 watch faces.

You can change the watch interface by clicking the touch screen. Swipe the screen gently a few times to go main interface. Then swipe again to view all function icons on the watch.

19. The voice of the phone call is too loud, how can I turn the volume down?

When a phone call comes in, the watch will ring, click the green icon to accept the call or click the red icon to refuse a call. You can adjust the volume by clicking the volume icons.

20. I tried to turn off my TickTalk’s ringtone but it still has the ring tone when a call comes in.

Click the Speaker icon on the watch, you’ll see the ring mode and silence mode. DOUBLE click to choose the mode, once it’s set up successfully, it’ll go back to the previous interface automatically.

21. The battery of my TickTalk dies quickly. How can I extend the battery life?

Adjust your Locating Mode to Power Saving Mode by going the top right hand corner settings area of your home screen on your APP and then going to Location Mode.

22. Why isn’t my TickTalk ringing?

Your TickTalk might be in silent mode. Please turn the sound back on in your TickTalk by swiping to next screen and touching the yellow horn at the bottom left hand corner at 7 o’clock. Double tap to place it back on Ring to turn the sound back on.

23. How come I can hear calls on my side but the watch can't hear me?

You may under Super Hearing Mode. After using the super hearing function please make sure to delete your number from Listener's Box and press DONE. If you do not, it could potentially block calls from going through.