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Click below link to watch the video for step by step instructions on how to setup your TickTalk and App. 

TickTalk 1.0S:

TickTalk 2.0:

1. What Sim Card and monthly plan is working for the TickTalk?

The TickTalk is compatible with T-Mobile or T-mobile's network ONLY. 

  1. SpeedTalk (Recommended): The TickTalk comes with a free SpeedTalk SIM Card without any contract. SpeedTalk service plans start as low as $5. So many of our customers go straight to a T-Mobile store and pay up to $70 for the wrong plans that don't work with our watches, like the incorrect "wearable" plan. But SpeedTalk uses T-Mobile networks so you get the same coverage. There is no reason to pay extra with T-Mobile! You can set up your plan online, in 5 minutes, with SpeedTalk. Please read the Quick Start Guide for more instructions on setting up your service plan with SpeedTalk. We recommend a $9 special monthly plan from SpeedTalk. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires. You can set up auto recharge, it's a convenient way to never run out of minutes. 

  2. T-Mobile: If you’re already a T-mobile user, you can add a new line to your family plan making it more affordable. MAKE SURE YOUR T-MOBILE PLAN IS A REGULAR PHONE PLAN WITH AT LEAST 100MB DATA. ANY "PAY AS YOU GO", "WEARABLE","DIGITS" OR "TABLET" plan IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the TickTalk. If you purchase the wrong plan,; when you place your SIM into the watch, it'll say EMERGENCY, INVALID SIM or NO SERVICE. When you get the SIM card in T-mobile store, please ask the sales rep to put the SIM card into a regular cell phone to test if it can make calls, send text message and go online. This is to make sure you leave with a compatible SIM card that is activated, working meaning you have the correct plan.

2. My TickTalk won’t charge or turn on and/or my screen is black.

If you are having difficulty getting your watch to charge or turn on, please try the following:

  1. Make sure the back cover is snapped on fully and that every corner is flush with the main casing. To be extra safe, sometimes we take the back cover completely off and then try charging it with the charging case to see if that works. Please try that.

  2. Use another Micro-USB cable. These are very common USB cables that are used with most modern Android phones, Bluetooth speakers, and other electronics nowadays.

  3. Try using another wall adapter/charging brick. Switch between using a new cable and wall adapter to fully test the root of the problem.

  4. Try using another wall outlet.

Also, when you try to charge the watch, do you ever see the battery meter appear on the screen while it is plugged in?

Finally, if you closely inspect the row of 5 golden charging "pins" on the back of the watch, do you notice that there is any erosion, discoloration, or clear damage to any of the pins? This may indicate why you are having charging issues as well. You can use a clean cloth to wipe the golden charging pins then try again. 





3. How to Insert the sim card properly?

It is necessary to use the micro USB size of SIM card in your TickTalk.


To insert your SIM card open the back cover. There’s a slot on the top right corner, use this to take off the back cover. Next follow the direction of the arrow to slide the metal frame and open it. Put the sim into the watch, make sure the gold chip is faced down. Slide the metal frame back over your SIM card to lock your SIM in place. You'll notice the arrow on the metal frame showing you which direction locks or unlocks your SIM. Then place the back cover of your TicKTalk back on. Be careful of the edge part close to the watch band, make sure it’s completely on. It it’s not completely on, you’ll have problem to charge the watch.

4. How to turn ON/OFF or restart the TickTalk?

Hold the top right button for 3 seconds to turn on the watch. Hold this button again until the words, “Power Off” appear on the screen. Touch, “Power Off” turn off your TickTalk.



5. Why do the words, “No service, Invalid Sim, Emergency or Insert Sim” keep appearing on my TickTalk’s home screen?

  • If you're a using T-mobile SIM, please make sure your monthly plan is a regular phone plan with data, not wearable, tablet or digits plan. The sim card looks the same for both cell phone plan and other wrong plans. Please double check with your carrier.

  • If you're using SpeedTalk SIM, please DO NOT choose the $15 monthly plan, it does not come with any data. The watch needs data to work. 

  • Take out your Sim card and put the sim into a regular GSM cell phone (no CDMA cell phone) to test if it can make calls, send text message and go online. Then put it back to the TickTalk and restart the watch.

  • After insert the Sim card, you must RESTART the TickTalk. Wait 1-2 mins, once it pops up the T-Mobile icon and another G icon next to the signal bars, your watch is working. If you don't see the T-Mobile or G icon pops up, it might because the reception of your location is bad, please put the watch close to the window or go outdoors, restart the watch again until you see the T-Mobile icon and G icon pops up.

6. Why I can’t get the verification code? 

For one, if you are using an AOL or Verizon email address, switch to using another email address.

For some reason, we have been having a lot of issues with those email systems and it may have something to do with their "spam management".

Our verification code email from our automated system typically goes to the SPAM folder. So check your SPAM folder. It will have "GPS SERVER SYSTEM" in the name. It's preferable that you use a Gmail account (that one works best). But Hotmail and Yahoo, we believe, have "Junk" folders in addition to the SPAM folder. So you have to use a desktop computer to make sure you can see and find and check the SPAM folder and not the Junk folder. For some reason, the mobile apps for Hotmail and Yahoo hide the SPAM folder.

Also keep in mind that there is a 5-minute timer for using the verification code. So, if you finally see the verification code email in your SPAM folder, but it's been longer than 5 minutes, please go back to the app and "Sign Up" again. Do NOT "Sign In". You have to sign up again so you can send yourself another fresh verification code with a new 5-minute timer on it.

7. My TickTalk 2 app keeps giving me the “Username or password is incorrect.” error, but I am positive that my password is correct. Why is it doing that?

If you have an iPhone device, it may be the case that the first letter of your email was automatically capitalized. This would mean that you should try to capitalize the first letter of your email in the username field of the “Sign Up” window for the TickTalk 2 app. Then, try to log in again with your password.

8. Watch speaker is not working, can’t hear other callers, or voice messages. 

Here are a few things to check for:

1. Does your TickTalk make noise when it "starts up"? Try turning your TickTalk off, then back on again, and see if you hear anything. If it makes no sound, you might have the "ringtone" setting set to "off" or the volume set to zero.

  • So, to check this yourself, please scroll through the screens on your watch (not on the app) until you see the one that looks like a speaker icon. Then, make sure that the dot is "filled in" on the bubble to the left of the speaker "on" option. The speaker "off" option looks like the same thing, but with a "cross-out" line cutting through the speaker icon. Make sure that the "on" option is selected.

  • Next, let's also make sure that your ringtone volume is set to maximum. On this same ringtone settings screen, on your watch, please look at the bottom-most portion of your screen. There should be a row of dots there and a + and - icon to go "up" or "down". Please tap the "plus" icon repeatedly and pay attention to the dots. Are they moving up and "filling in" from left to right as you tap that button? Or are they not moving and clearly indicating to you that they have been sitting at the maximum volume from the beginning?

  • If your watch has the speaker icon set to "on" and the speaker volume set to "max", and your watch still makes no noise during startup, you may have a faulty speaker. Please contact our customer service to return for a replacement.

2. There is an in-call volume setting in the watch that is not accessible or adjustable on the  "ringtone" settings screen mentioned above. The only place you can actually see or adjust this in-call volume is during an active call.

  • Try initiating a call with your watch, or simply calling the watch with another phone. Either way, it doesn't matter, just get to the point that the watch screen changes to the currently-in-a-call screen. You will notice that there is a big red icon with a phone on it. This is your "hang up" button. Then, there should be 2 other buttons on the screen: a "plus" (+) icon and a "minus" (-) icon. Please repeatedly tap the "plus" icon and pay attention to the row of dots below. Do you see the dots moving from left to right, as if they're filling in and the volume is going "higher"? Or does it look like they're not moving at all, indicating that the volume was already at maximum? If the volume is at maximum, and you still can't hear the other caller, you may have a faulty speaker. Please contact our customer service to return for a replacement.

9. Why the Parents and/or Contacts’ phone numbers can’t be sync to the watch?

When you log in the App, click the 3-line icon on the top left, it’ll show the Mom, Dad and SOS settings. Click each icon to preset the numbers. Make sure to enter your number without any spaces, parentheses, or dashes, as this will prevent the TickTalk from storing the number correctly. The preferred format for contacts is 5555555555, using ONLY numbers 0-9. If the contacts are entered as 555-555-5555 or (555) 555-5555, then the TickTalk may not make or receive calls properly. Do NOT enter a 1 in front of your ten-digit number.

To transfer your contacts and any other information programmed in your APP to your TickTalk you must have a compatible GSM SIM card with activated data on your plan. Please be sure that you have a SIM card for a regular cell phone and not a wearable plan. Make sure you activate the sim card and credit your account before using. 

10. Can my TickTalk accept calls from or place calls to international numbers?

TickTalk can not place or receive international calls. It can only make and receive calls from US to US and from Europe to Europe. It’s because the watch’s hardware does not allow for it to accept the additional numbers required for the country code. It only works with standard 10-digit phone numbers.

11. My TickTalk is having reception issues, but I have T-Mobile for my own personal phone and I have perfect reception for calls, texts, data. So what is the problem with my watch?

If you have T-Mobile for your own personal phone, and the service/calls/data all work perfectly fine, please keep in mind that most modern phones, including yours, are probably using 3G or 4G(LTE). 2G service, which is what this watch uses and only what this watch uses, has a completely different cellular signal from 4G/LET or 3G. So in the same place where you can get great 3G or 4G signal, you may need to adjust your location and move around to find proper 2G signal.

12. My contacts are not syncing to the watch. What do I need to do to fix this?

The reasons your contacts won't sync with your watch are as follows:

  1. Your watch was turned off, dead, or in an area where it couldn't receive signal when you set up the contacts.

  2. You set up the contacts and all of the settings before you activated the SIM card with a service plan and before you inserted the activated SIM card into the watch - so it was "offline" and couldn't receive those settings changes

  3. You have an incorrect service plan that doesn't include "data" services (internet connection) which is how the watch receives and updates these settings you make in the app

  4. You may have entered the phone numbers for the contacts using a plus (+) sign, a 1 at the beginning, spaces, dashes, or parentheses - you have to enter the 10-digit number only (this problem also occurs when you use the contacts "import" feature that pulls the phone number from your phone's contact list (edit the numbers to take out all of the symbols, spaces, and extra 1 if it's there)

  5. If you can confirm that your watch has a G icon on the screen what means the watch has already been linked to the internet, then set up the contacts again. It should work property.

13. The Super Hearing is not working, why?

For the privacy and safety reason, only the Admin can use the Super Hearing function. The Admin will be the first person to pair to the watch in the App as default. To use this function, please click the Phone icon at the bottom, you'll be asked to set up Child's info first. After you setting up properly, click the Phone icon again, you'll see a red Super Hearing icon. Then you’ll need to input your phone number as Listener’s number (DO NOT INPUT your kid’s phone number in that box). The TickTalk will call you back within 1 min. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on in your TickTalk’s surrounding but your end will be in silent mode (and is basically undetectable on the TickTalk’s side).

14. How can I send the Voice Message to my child?

To send a voice message to your child go to the microphone icon on the home screen of the App. Then press the HOLD TO TALK icon to record a voice message and release the icon to send. Slide up to cancel. You can record maximum 10 seconds voice message. Click the green volume icon to playback your recording. When you receive a voice message from your child, you can listen or playback the voice message by clicking the blue volume icon. All voice messages must be sent and received through the App. Since the voice messages will be sent and received through the internet; it’s not like a walkie-talkie. Sometimes the Voice messages from the TickTalk watch to APP takes longer because the 2G network uploading speed is slow. There       is a simple way to let you get the voice message quicker, please log out the APP, then log in again. That way likes a refresh program, you probably can see the voice messages from watch appears in the message center of the APP.

15. Why the locator is not accurate, it’s like 3-5 miles away from my current location?

Location settings acting funny or being inaccurate
  1. The locator has to work with a good cellular reception, sometimes the child is indoor without strong signal.

  2. Please go to the settings in TickTalk’s APP, click the settings icon, then go to the Locating Mode, switch the Power Saving Mode to Tracking Mode. Make sure the watch is online when you set up.

  3. After few minutes, you can try to locate the watch. We suggest you take the watch outdoor, sometimes you could reboot the watch to refresh the watch program quicker.

Click the pink locator button to show the current location. It normally takes about 1 min to transfer the data and show your current location.

 TickTalk's Locator works in 3 steps:

  1. First, it seeks the nearest public WIFI hotspot and locates it.  In WIFI mode, normally the accuracy is about 100-500ft.

  2. Then it seeks a GPS signal if it is unable to find a public WIFI hotspot (or the signal is weak) and connects to GPS mode. In GPS mode, the accuracy is about 10-300 ft, but this mode drains more power from your watch battery.

  3. If it is unable to find and connect to a public WIFI or GPS signal then it seeks the nearest Cellular Tower signal and uses the cell tower location. The accuracy in this mode is about 500ft to 20 miles (depends how far the cell tower is from your TickTalk).

Please see the locator icon in APP to see what mode of locating is being used.  Depending on the GPS server, locating supplier or your cellular carrier even in the same location through out the day your TickTalk may switch between different modes of locating as it switches between modes the accuracy changes.

*One more thing, the GPS chip is on top of the wrist band, the raised square part. For better reception of the GPS, please make sure it’s facing up, don’t cover this part with any clothing, under a desk, table, etc.; as it might block the GPS signal.


16. What do the 3 locator icons mean?

  • WiFi icon - it will look like three signal "waves" coming off of a dot or central point, you'll recognize it easily

  • GPS icon - it will look like a GPS satellite, the kind floating around in space

  • Cell tower icon - it will look like a tall cellular tower with signal waves coming out of the top

This will help you understand what kind of accuracy you can expect, given the method being used, because it represents what kind of signal is available to the watch where it currently is. So you won't have to panic or get frustrated. This does not mean the watch is broken or everything is being buggy, it's actually doing exactly what it's supposed to do. The watch will always try to find the strongest and most accurate signal for giving you a location. But, if T-Mobile's coverage network in that area doesn't include enough coverage for 2G cellular service, it's not the watch's fault. And you'll probably just have to wait until the watch moves to a different location and gets another fresh signal if you're unhappy with what it's showing you.

TickTalk uses very simple, efficient, and minimal amount of data, which is why it's so cheap to get a monthly plan for it. And it's more than enough for what the watch needs to work. But, depending on where you live, you may need to make sure that your watch always has the best chance to receive proper 2G signal. Remember that you can always call T-Mobile to get more information about what the "signal strength" is for 2G in your area if you want more info or closure.

Getting the best GPS signal: Like with your car's navigation system, if you drive into an underground tunnel or parking structure, you will lose your GPS signal. The same goes for this watch. The best place it will work is when the watch is outdoors and moving around. Once again, it is also necessary for the watch to be within an area that has enough 2G cellular towers to provide 2G signal and coverage. When the watch is indoors, it may be forced to switch to WiFi mode, which is less accurate.

Based on which method is being used, here are some ways to think about what's happening instead of worrying:

  • WiFi method - "Oh, the watch is using WiFi mode, I guess they're inside or can't get a GPS signal. It shows them down the street or around the corner, but I know that's still around Aunt May's neighborhood, so I know we're okay." (If, every single day, when they're at school, it shows them down the street at the same coffee shop. You can just know that, every day, when it shows the coffee shop, it "means" they're at school.)

  • GPS method - "Oh, the watch has great GPS signal here. Cool! I see exactly (or almost exactly) where they are."

  • LBS method (cell tower mode) - "Oh no. It's using cellular tower (LBS) mode. It looks like they're in the next city over or 10 miles away. I guess that location is kind of a dead zone and they don't have very much signal there. I'll keep that in mind for next time. For now, I'll just wait until they move out of that area or into a new area that falls within range of a nearby 2G cellular tower. Once they have signal again, I'll get a better location update."

17. How to improve my watch's tracking performance?

There are 2 settings within your TickTalk app that control how effectively or efficiently your watch can be located: Tracking Mode, and Power Saving Mode. Tracking Mode is the best way to get the most accurate tracking location at any given time. Power Saving Mode is less accurate, but saves your battery life a bit more.

Changing your tracking mode in your app: If you are using a TickTalk 1.0S on the "TickTalk" app, tap the top-right icon (four white boxes) from your main map screen, then tap "Tracking Mode". If you are using a TickTalk 2.0 on the "TickTalk 2" app, tap the top-left icon (three white lines) from your main map screen. Then, tap the settings "gear" icon at the top. Now, you can tap "Locating Mode" to change your tracking method.

18. TickTalk is showing my old address on GPS for some reason.

This is because the TickTalk uses WiFi as one of its location methods and if the customer is using a router that they brought over from their old address, the router still has their old address registered and that’s why it pulls up that address. To fix this, they would need to reset the router or update its address settings to the current address.

19. My child can’t receive the Text Messages I sent.

The text message is one-way, you must send the text message from the App or your child can’t receive it. If it is sent how you normally send text messages through your phone your child will not receive the text message. Click the top right icon and you’ll see text message. Click the icon and input the text then press Done. The TickTalk will receive the text message immediately.

20. I was looking at the communications records on my SpeedTalk account and see that text (SMS) messages are being sent to my TickTalk, but I don’t recognize any of the numbers. Who is trying to contact my child?

The fact that this is happening does not mean other people are texting the watch. It means that other numbers are only attempting to send text messages to the watch. And the watch is blocking all of them. Don’t worry, no one is specifically trying to contact your child. It just means that random sales calls, marketing calls, and spam numbers are attempting to send those texts.

21. Why are my text messages being cut off when I send them to my child?

The TickTalk screen can only display a set amount of characters so it is best to keep text messages as short and sweet as possible for efficiency. There is a character limitation of 64 characters. Anything past that will be cut off and not displayed. You can try to keep your messages concise like: “Where are you? Call me.” or “I am on the way to pick you up.” or “Come home.”

22. Do my text messages still appear on the TickTalk when it is in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode?

When on DnD, any text messages that are sent CANNOT be seen. It is completely shut down from all sounds, ringtones, calls, everything. Only the screen remains on and shows the time and the watch can still be tracked by the parents.

23. Why won’t my SOS button work? It just says “No Setting” and doesn’t call the SOS contact.

Press the button once to wake up the screen, then hold the SOS button for three seconds to initiate the SOS call.

24. Why won’t the pedometer “step” function automatically restart each day? Do I need to reset it every day?

No. The “step goal” needs to be entered each day if you want to monitor a goal that day. However, after you set your very first step goal for the first time ever on the app, the app will automatically log and count the total steps taken each day, regardless of a step goal and without any further action or setup from you.

25. I deleted all of my alarms/things to do in the APP, but they are still going off. They have been erased from the app and the watch. Why is it doing this?

This issue is caused by your watch having a bad signal/connection at the specific time when you removed the alarm settings. This goes for making any settings changes in the app, but you have to make sure your watch has a good cellular connection by confirming that you have both signal bars and the 'G' icon in the top-left part of your watch's screen. Otherwise, even if you make any changes in the TickTalk 2 app, like deleting alarms, the watch will never actually "receive" the changes (without having enough signal/connection).

To correct this issue, please add a new alarm (with any times/dates/settings, it doesn't matter what) and save it. Next, you can immediately delete that alarm in your TickTalk 2 app. Once again, as you do this, make sure you have signal bars and a 'G' icon showing on your watch's screen. This will help your app "refresh" the alarm settings and properly delete them for good. You should see that the little 'alarm' icon on your watch's screen, next to the signal bars, disappear. That means you are all set! And you can do the same thing for Alarms, Things To Do alarms, and also for your Do Not Disturb settings.

26. How to protect the watch screen from scratch and damage?

The watch comes with a screen protector. It will protect the screen from damage. Clean the TickTalk screen before putting on the screen protector. Take off the back film first and put it in the middle of the screen, remove the bubbles then take off the front film.



27. I have the notification feature enabled in the app’s settings, but I am not getting notifications to my phone.

This most likely means that you had tapped “deny” instead of “allow” when you first installed the app and it asked if it was allowed to send you notifications through the app. You could go to your app settings and adjust the permissions or you could uninstall and reinstall the app. This time, you'll have to make sure that you tap “allow” for all the pop-up prompts for permissions.

28. My child received a phone call from foreign number. How to block the foreign numbers?

Your child will not receive unwanted phone calls if the firewall is turned on. To turn on the firewall go to Settings in the App, turn on the Firewall. Once the Firewall is ON, the Ticktalk is restricted to receiving calls from the preset Contacts ONLY. No foreign numbers will go through.

29. I enabled the Firewall setting, but my TickTalk is still getting calls from random/unwanted numbers.

The Firewall setting is always supposed to work properly when it is enabled properly. The only time it doesn't work correctly is if there was an error in the "turn Firewall on" setting not being successfully transmitted from the app to the watch. This can happen when the watch is turned off or in an area with little or no signal (dead zone).

The reason for this is because the watch uses its data connection (internet) to communicate with the app. On the top-left of the watch's screen, you can see if the data signal is coming through by seeing whether or not there is a "G" next to the signal bars. Basically, if the watch is not getting proper 2G signal at the time when you set the Firewall to on, the app will tell you that it sent the Firewall "command" successfully, even though it didn't reach the watch. It's like the app tells you that it shouted a name but that doesn't mean the name was heard.

To fix this, simply turn the firewall off, then on again when you are sure that the watch has a good data connection. And, this time, it will be properly "set" in the watch. Then, you can test it and confirm to make sure.

30. I keep receiving a notification from my APP saying, “ Your child is taking off the watch”. But he/she isn’t taking it off. Is there any way to shut this notification off?

There’s a light sensor on the back of the TickTalk, once your child is taking off the watch, you’ll receive a notification from the App. The sensor is determined by the induction of the light, so if the watch is too loose or your child is moving the wrist too often, it’ll also send you a notification. If you think it’s not necessary, you can turn off the Alert from Setting, turn off the Take-Off Alert. 

31. My phone received a Chinese/Japanese text.

When watch battery is low, it’ll send a text message to parents’ cell phone. For English language text message notification, please send this code by text message from your cell phone to the phone number of the watch (most TickTalk’s come already programmed with English but a few seemed to have this issue).


32. The voice of the phone call is too loud, how can I turn the volume down?

When a phone call comes in, the watch will ring, click the green icon to accept the call or click the red icon to refuse a call. You can adjust the volume by clicking the volume icons.

33. I tried to turn off my TickTalk’s ringtone but it still has the ring tone when a call comes in.

Click the Speaker icon on the watch, you’ll see the ring mode and silence mode. DOUBLE click to choose the mode, once it’s set up successfully, it’ll go back to the previous interface automatically.

34. The battery of my TickTalk dies quickly. How can I extend the battery life?

Adjust your Locating Mode to Power Saving Mode by going the top right hand corner settings area of your home screen on your APP and then going to Location Mode.

35. Why isn’t my TickTalk ringing?

Your TickTalk might be in silent mode. Please turn the sound back on in your TickTalk by swiping to next screen and touching the yellow horn at the bottom left hand corner at 7 o’clock. Double tap to place it back on Ring to turn the sound back on.

36. What happens if I uninstall my TickTalk app? Will all my settings be deleted and revert back to factory default?

  1. If you simply uninstalls the original TickTalk app, it does not automatically change, disable, or revert-to-default any of the settings or options inside the app. It will all remain just like they had it previously.

  2. If you’re an administer, all the other APP users have to pair the watch again.

37. Do my minutes/texts/data roll over on my SpeedTalk plan if I don’t use all of them in a giving billing cycle?

No, SpeedTalk plans do not offer rollover. You pay the cost of your plan at the beginning of each 30 day cycle and, at the end of that cycle, all of your remaining services are wiped clean and you start over fresh.

38. Can I use the TickTalk overseas (internationally)? 

All of our TickTalk watches are sold unlocked and work with 2G service on GSM. This means that you can use our watches anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a local cellular provider that offers 2G on GSM.

When you call your providers, ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you still offer 2G service plans on GSM for my area?

  2. Do your 2G service plans support NITZ?(NITZ is a technology that allows our watches to have the correct time and date. This is VERY important and you won't be able to use our watches if they don't have NITZ on their plans.)

  3. What is your APN code so that I can activate my 2G on GSM device? (APN code: This is incredibly important for you to get from your provider once you are certain they have the correct service plans and you have set up an account with them. Contact us and give us the APN code they gave you so we can give you our special APN code that you can use to activate your watch to work in your country with that provider. It is as simple as sending a text message. But please remember that this is an important step because, without activating your watch with the correct APN code, it will not work.)

If you confirm your carrier has 2G GSM and NITZ service, please get a SIM card with correct monthly plan. It must be a regular phone plan with at least 100MB data monthly. The watch is not compatible with any wearable, digits or tablet plan. Then follow below steps to activate the watch.

  1. Insert the SIM card and turn on the watch. If your watch is ON before you insert the SIM, please restart your watch. 

  2. You'll see your carrier's logo on the top right of the screen. Send APN,code# by text message from your personal cell phone to the phone number of the watch. *Use the APN code you get from your local carrier to replace the character "code" above. For example, the APN code for Mexico Telcel is "", you should send the text message APN, from your cell phone to to the watch's phone number. Please use a regular way to send the text message instead of sending through the App.  

  3. You'll receive a text back send APN setting is ok.

  5. Wait 1-2 mins until you see a little G icon pops up next to the signal bars, you're all set. 

  6. Log in the App and set up all phone numbers, they'll be sync to the watch in a few seconds. Please make sure you can see the G icon when set up the watch. Or it won't sync the phone numbers to the watch. 

  7. If you can't see the G icon pops up, find a good reception location such as outdoors, restart the watch and repeat above steps until the G pops up.  

  8. If you have set up all phone numbers in the App before you set up the APN settings, please re-input the numbers in the App and click SAVE.