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TickTalk 4 Setup Guide

1. Activate Your Cellular Plan

TickTalk operates as a standalone cell phone and needs a plan with talk, text, and data.

  • For U.S. Customers: We include a free SIM card with your watch purchase. Activate this pay-as-you-go plan, which uses AT&T or T-Mobile's network, by clicking HERE.
  • For Non-U.S. Customers: Learn about getting the right plan by clicking HERE.

2. Download the Parental Control App

Manage your TickTalk with the app. Scan the QR code or search for "TickTalk Kids Smartwatch" on the Apple or Google Play store.


3. Follow Step-by-Step Setup Videos

Set up your TickTalk 4 watch and the parental app by following our detailed videos. The setup videos are available directly below: