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Common Questions about TickTalk Wireless Payment Issues My TickTalk

Common Questions about TickTalk Wireless Payment Issues

How will I know if my payment went through successfully or was unsuccessful?

If it is the first payment for the subscription, you will receive a “plan order receipt” email informing you that the payment was successfully processed. There will also be a PDF receipt attached to this email. For all subsequent payments, you will not receive a payment confirmation email.
If the payment method is invalid at time of the first check-out, you will receive a payment error message via the TickTalk Wireless portal. You will not be allowed to proceed in the activation flow until there is a valid payment method entered. Additionally, there is no plan order receipt email until the payment is successfully processed. For a subscription which has a failed payment in its subsequent payment cycles, you will receive an email informing you of the failed payment and prompt you to update your payment method information.

Is there a Pay Now option if I receive a “Payment Failed” email?

While we do not have a designated Pay Now feature, once the payment method is updated, our system will immediately collect any outstanding (unpaid) payments, similar to a Pay Now feature.

Will I receive an email confirmation if I update my payment method after receiving a “Payment Failed” email?

At this time, we do not send an email confirmation for successful payments after the initial subscription payment. However, this is something that we are planning on adding in the future.

How many times can I attempt a payment until the line is canceled?

Failed payments will be retried 4 times over the duration of 21 days. You will be sent an email notification after the 1st and 3rd failure. After the 4th failure, the subscription will be ended immediately.

Once I update my payment method, will that pay for the past month's service or the upcoming month's service? Will it charge immediately or at a later date?

A newly added payment method will be used to pay any outstanding failed payments, as well as all future payments. 

If I update my payment method 15 days into my plan, will the billing cycle restart or continue as normal?

Adding a new payment method will only affect future payments and therefore won’t reset the subscription/billing cycle.

Do I have to manually pay month-by-month? 

We recommend setting your account on Auto Pay to avoid any issues with your cellular service due to lack of payment. However, if you choose to pay manually month-to-month, you absolutely can in our account portal.

My credit card expired. How can I update my payment method?

To change your current payment method or refill your monthly plan, please login to your TickTalk Wireless account here