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How do I use Activity Tracking and the Step Championship on my TickTalk 4?

How do I use Activity Tracking and the Step Championship on my TickTalk 4? My TickTalk

Every feature we include in TickTalk has one of two purposes: promoting family connection or helping your child to develop habits that can help them for years to come. Many of our customers requested an activity tracker to encourage their kids to live healthier lifestyles--so we added one! So how does it work?


In your TickTalk app, you can easily add daily step goals by selecting the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Simply enter your desired step goal and both you and your child can easily track their progress throughout the day along with accessing daily, weekly, and monthly reports on steps and distance walked. Your child’s steps will update every 5-10 minutes to preserve your TickTalk’s battery life.


Your child can compete with their friends who also have TickTalk watches in the Step Championship for the gold, silver, and bronze medals. View the Step Championship by visiting the activity tracker on the watch interface and selecting the Star icon in the upper right-hand corner and check out their ranking.

Learn more by watching our video!