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How does TickTalk work?

How does TickTalk work? My TickTalk

TickTalk works like a standalone cell phone, designed specifically for kids with only the positive aspects of a smartphone. Founded in Southern California in 2016, TickTalk is a safe introduction to technology with no games, social media, or internet access and works with you in control of the features you want your child to use. 

TickTalk 4 comes packed with all the features parents could want and children could need in one smart device:

What makes TickTalk different from other children’s smartwatches is that our products are designed internally from start to finish to offer our customers the highest level of security over their child’s private information. When we launched our first-generation, we realized most of our competitors have generic parental control apps riddled with privacy loopholes and hacking opportunities. We decided early on to build our own R&D team, despite being a startup, to design both our parental control app and smartwatch in-house, offering 24/7 security over our backend with end-to-end encrypted messaging and one of the world’s most secure cloud servers powered by AWS to protect user data.