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How to enable the Firewall on your TickTalk 4 My TickTalk

How to enable the Firewall on your TickTalk 4

Your child will not receive any calls or messages from unknown numbers or solicitors when the Firewall is turned on. To enable the Firewall, go into your parental control TickTalk app, select Settings in the upper right hand corner, and enable the Firewall feature. Once enabled, the watch will only receive calls and messages from preset contacts who have been approved by the Parent/Admin.

We recommend turning the Firewall on after you've saved your Phone Book Contacts.

I enabled the Firewall, but my TickTalk is still getting unknown calls

If the Firewall setting was not enabled properly, it may have run into issues when transmitting from the TickTalk App to the watch. This can occur when the watch is turned off or if you are in an area with little to no signal. To fix, simply disable the Firewall in the TickTalk App Settings, then enable again when you are sure the watch has a good connection. The Firewall should now be enabled and will block any unknown numbers.