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How To Improve Your TickTalk 4 Battery Life My TickTalk

How To Improve Your TickTalk 4 Battery Life

TickTalk 4 has the largest battery capacity in the world for a children’s smartwatch with a 1,000 mAh battery compared to a 680 mAh battery in past generations. Based on over 9,000 TickTalk 4's located all over the world, average battery life is 62 hours with normal usage and 100+ hours standby timeIndividual battery life will vary based on network signal, feature usage, loaded applications, cellular network, Wi-Fi connection, and a multitude of additional factors.

Due to the lack of 4G signal or unstable Wi-Fi signals that occur in some areas, the power consumption can be higher than normal as the internal software will continue to search for a signal to connect to the server. While this is uncommon, it is possible that the battery can drain within a few hours if you are in a poor service area.

If you are experiencing poor battery life:

  • Reboot the watch every day: Similar to your cell phone, your battery can drain faster if multiple features are open and running in the background. To reboot your watch, simply press the top silver button on your watch until REBOOT pops up. Select REBOOT and all open features will be shut down which will significantly reduce power consumption. 
  • Check your cellular reception: Your watch works similar to a cell phone and will continuously search for a strong signal if you are in an area with poor reception. A tip to conserve battery life when in areas with bad reception is to turn the cellular data off in your watch settings and connect to Wi-Fi for more efficient battery usage. Please remember to turn your cellular data back on before you leave the Wi-Fi area. 
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when leaving home: We recommend that you turn the Wi-Fi off when your child is at school or out of the home and reconnect once they return home. You can also turn off the cellular network in your settings when you are connected to Wi-Fi to avoid using both at the same time to conserve battery. 
  • Airplane Mode: Another tip to conserve power on your TickTalk is to have your child place the watch on Airplane Mode when they are in an area with bad cellular signals for extended periods of times, like schools or daycares.

We are consistently exploring additional ways to improve battery life for our customers who are affected by this. Our Engineering Team is actively working on ways to further reduce power consumption with upcoming firmware updates. If you are experiencing issues, please reach out to our Support Team here for additional support.