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Why is my TickTalk not charging? My TickTalk

Why is my TickTalk not charging?

Please confirm the charging pins of the wire/Power Base are completely touching the charging pins on your watch and try again. If you are using your charging cord with a wall outlet, please try to connect via USB to your computer to avoid overcharging. If your TickTalk is still not charging, please try:

    1. Changing to a different adaptor or charger: Disconnect the current charging cable then reboot the watch to charge again. Please do not use an iPhone, Samsung, or name brand charger to charge your TickTalk. Any generic phone charger or USB on your laptop/computer will charge sufficiently.
    2. Disconnecting your watch from the charging cable and turning the watch off: Connect the cable to your USB charger and attach to your watch. Press and hold the charging head, align the charging pins, and hold for a few seconds. You should see the charging icon pop up once it begins charging. If your battery is fully dead, it is normal to see the charging icon pop up for a second and disappear. Please charge for at least one (1) hour and tap the silver button to check the battery. If you see the battery icon again, you are good to go. Please leave for 4-5 hours to fully charge your watch.
    3. Checking for the lightning icon: If your watch is on while charging, you will see a lightning icon next to the battery icon. If you do not see this, press and hold the charging head to align the charging pins until you hear a sound and see the lightning icon. You can watch this video for more information on charging.