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How to set up Wi-Fi Auto Connect on your TickTalk 4 My TickTalk

How to set up Wi-Fi Auto Connect on your TickTalk 4

Wi-Fi Auto Connect will automatically connect your TickTalk to your saved Wi-Fi connections so you don't have to manually connect every time your child returns home. Wi-Fi Auto Connect is a great way to save cellular data and improve battery life and will give you the best signal strength when using voice calling, messaging, video calling, and iHeartRadio Family (only available for U.S. customers at this time). 

First, you'll need to connect your TickTalk watch to Wi-Fi by going to your TickTalk watch Settings > Wi-Fi, selecting your Wi-Fi network and entering your password.

Next, to setup Auto Connect for the next time your child returns home with their TickTalk, open your TickTalk App and go to Settings > Wi-Fi Location and Tracking > Auto Connect. This will allow your TickTalk 4 to automatically connect to existing Wi-Fi networks you've paired to previously to preserve your data. 

Watch our video to learn more about Auto Connect.