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How To Solve Locating Issues On Your TickTalk 4

How To Solve Locating Issues On Your TickTalk 4

We use Google Maps as our locating provider and are consistently optimizing our locating algorithm to give you the most accurate location possible. Google Maps will use GPS, local Wi-Fi, or the nearest cellular signal depending on which signal is the strongest. As we rely on Google Maps for our locating services, we cannot guarantee which method your watch will choose. Please read below for solutions on common location issues.

Why is my watch location inaccurate or wrong?

Depending on which signal the watch picks will determine how accurate the location is. GPS tracking is the most accurate, however your watch may not always default to GPS. If your locator is inaccurate, it can be for a variety of reasons depending on the coverage network. If you are in an area with a strong signal, your locating should work accurately, but will not work if you are in an area with low to no signal. This affects other features as well outside of locating including calling, texting, voice messaging, etc. Some features may work sometimes based on signal and others may not (so you may be able to make calls, but not use locating or vice versa).

We do have a few tips for getting the best signal:

  1. Make sure your watch is set to Tracking Mode and not Power Saving Mode in your app settings. Tap the top right gear icon > Select Power Saving Mode > Make sure you are set on Tracking Mode. It will use slightly more battery, but will give you more accurate location data. 
  2. You can test the watch when it is near you and turned on. Ideally, you’ll have 3-4 signal bars and the ‘0’ icon showing in the top portion of the watch screen. If you only have 1-2 bars, your features should still work, but having as many bars as possible is ideal. The best thing to get more signal immediately is to take your watch outside briefly to get 3-4 bars and to have the ‘0’ icon turn white instead of grey. You can refresh your location by signing out of the app and signing back in.

If you find that your location works sometimes and your GPS locations are inaccurate, it most likely has to do with the coverage/service in your area and how many 4G towers you have located near you. You can call your service provider to find out more about 4G coverage in your area--please be sure to speak with Tech Support and not Sales for the most accurate information. 

Why is my watch location showing in another city/state/country?

When your watch is using Wi-Fi locating to determine the location, it will automatically use the strongest signal available. This may be a neighbor's Wi-Fi or a public Wi-Fi connection and may not always be your personal Wi-Fi. In rare situations, the Wi-Fi router being used may be registered in another city, county, state, or even country. When this occurs, your watch will show the location as the place in which that router was registered. We suggest that if this occurs, you turn the Wi-Fi off and refresh the location in your app to get a more accurate location.

For further assistance, please contact our Support Team here and we will do our best to find a solution that will work for you.