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Updating Your TickTalk Watch Operating System (tOS) My TickTalk

Updating Your TickTalk Watch Operating System (tOS)

Connect to Wi-Fi and make sure your TickTalk is charged to at least 30%. Once connected to Wi-Fi, a window will pop up on the watch and instruct you to upgrade.

To check your current tOS:

  • Select the Settings gear icon and scroll to OS Update. If you see a red dot next to OS Update, an update is available. Select the tab to check which version you are currently using.

Watch our video on how to update your TickTalk watch operating system (tOS)

My watch tOS update failed

To make sure the tOS upgrade installs properly, make sure:

  1. The watch battery is not lower than 35%. Please charge the watch and try again.
  2. You have strong cellular reception. If the reception is weak, connect the watch to Wi-Fi and try again.
  3. The watch screen did not freeze during the update. If it did, please hold the power button for 10 seconds to re-activate the system.