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What does it mean to be COPPA compliant? My TickTalk

What does it mean to be COPPA compliant?

We follow the FTC's Children's Online Privacy Protection rules including:

1) Getting verifiable parental consent prior to collecting any information from your child; 

2) Clearly and comprehensively describing what personal information is collected, how that information is used, what third parties can view information from children under 13 years of age, and parental rights; 

3) Notifying parents directly about our information practices prior to collecting personal information from children under age 13;

4) Honoring parents ongoing rights with respect to personal information collected from children

5) Implementing reasonable procedures for protecting the security of kids' personal information

Not only are our kids smart watch phones fully COPPA compliant, but we are also COPPA certified by an FTC-approved Safe Harbor Program! You can learn more about COPPA compliance directly from the FTC here.