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Changing the Theme Setting on your TickTalk smartwatch My TickTalk

Changing the Theme Setting on your TickTalk smartwatch

Your child can personalize their TickTalk 4 to make it their own with different clock interfaces, watch themes, and even save a #selfie as their background photo! 

Choose your favorite clock interface

Your child can select their favorite clock to tell the time. Go to your watch Settings by selecting the gear icon, select Home Screen, and can choose from 17 different interfaces including analog, digital, robots, and unicorns.


Select your watch theme

Choose from 9 different watch themes to change the background color and the icons on your TickTalk watch. Go to your watch Settings > Themes and select the one you like best.

Set a selfie or photo as your background

Go to your watch Photos by swiping to the second screen and selecting the photo icon. Pick the photo you like best, select the heart icon and press save.