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Why is there a 3-minute limit to video calls? My TickTalk

Why is there a 3-minute limit to video calls?

As an added safety precaution and to be overly cautious, we included a 3-minute time limit to video calls to avoid any overheating or temperature increases. After the 3-minute time limit, you can begin another video call immediately.

To start a video call with your TickTalk watch, simply go into your phone app, select Phone Calls at the bottom navigation bar, and select FaceTalk. To start a video call from your TickTalk watch, simply swipe to the video camera icon and your child will be able to select the contact they wish to FaceTalk!

FaceTalk Video Calling will use data if not connected to Wi-Fi. To avoid excessive data usage or accidental calling, you can enable FaceTalk Video Calling to only go through if connected to Wi-Fi in your free Parent App. You can also go to the App Settings > Wi-Fi and Location Tracking, and enable on Auto Connect so the watch will automatically connect and pair to Wi-Fi.

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