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Saving Reminders & Alarms from your TickTalk App My TickTalk

Saving Reminders & Alarms from your TickTalk App

When our Founders were creating TickTalk, it was important that our smartwatches not only kept families safely connected, but helped children create lifelong habits. We added Reminders to help children¬†learn time management and task completion--and make our lives as parents easier too ūüėȬ†

Choose from 60+ default reminders

We loaded TickTalk with fun 3D reminders to help your child easily understand the task at hand. Choose from a variety of categories including:

Daily - Brush Teeth, Take Shower, Clean Up Toys, Wash Hands & more

Interests - Music Lessons, Art Class, Dance Lessons & more

Sports - Soccer, Basketball, Bike Ride, Tennis & more

Studies - School Bus, School Time, Homework, Read A Book & more

Chores - Check Mail, Laundry, Walk Dog, Set Table & more

To set a Reminder, click Reminders > Default, pick the reminder you’d like to select, schedule the time, pick days to repeat, and confirm! Your child will receive a notification on their TickTalk when it’s time.

Create custom reminders with personalized message

Looking to create a personalized reminder like call Grandpa on his birthday or remember to wrap the gift for their friend’s party this weekend? Create a reminder with a personalized note to keep your child on task. 

Set simple alarms

If you are looking for a classic alarm feature, we have that too! Simply select the time, days of the week to repeat, and select Confirm to save your simple alarm.

Save up to 20 Reminders & Alarms

Set multiple reminders in your TickTalk to help your child develop independence as they learn responsibility. With the ability to save 20 reminders and alarms at a time, your child will have all the tools to make staying on task easy and fun.