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3 Safety Tech Gifts Your Kids Will Love This Holiday Season

3 Safety Tech Gifts Your Kids Will Love This Holiday Season

Finding the right gifts for your children when the holidays come around isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when many products on the market aren’t necessarily the safest. You want your kids to unwrap something fun, but you also want them to stay safe. Continue reading to learn about three safety tech gifts your kids will love this holiday season.

Kindle Kids

A common gift many parents get their children is a book or an e-reader that allows them to read to their heart’s content. However, it can be difficult to ensure your children are reading age-appropriate material. A Kindle Kids takes care of those concerns for you. These devices feature a carefully curated library that is age-appropriate and extensive enough that your children will never get tired of reading! These are great gifts for avid readers and can be beneficial if you want to encourage your children to read more. There are also a few different cover choices to choose from, making it easy to choose one that matches your child’s personality.

The Mightier

Many kids like playing video games, but parents often want them to play more educational games, not ones that are violent or overly mature. Finding the right balance can be difficult, but games like Mightier help make it easy to keep everyone happy. Mightier is a clinically tested and developed game that helps kids ages 6–12 learn about emotional regulation. This game system comes with a heart rate monitor that sends feedback to the game and alters the settings accordingly.

As your child’s heart rate increases, the game gets more difficult in an effort to teach the children to remain calm, even in intense situations. These games are fun, but they’ll also help teach your children to control their excitement and never lose sight of what’s happening in front of them.

TickTalk 4

At TickTalk Tech, we have our own gadgets for kids that emphasize safety. The TickTalk 4, a kid’s smartwatch with calling capabilities, is one of our newest devices. These watches have all the advantages of a cell phone without many of the drawbacks.

There is no internet, games, or social media access on our smartwatches, but parents can use the device to track their child’s location. There is also safe in-app messaging, so you can communicate with your child no matter where they are! These devices make great gifts for any kid who wants a smartphone but isn’t quite ready for the responsibility that comes with owning one.

These are just a few safety tech gifts your kids will love to unwrap this holiday season. They may not be the device your child wanted at first, but with a little experimentation, they’ll realize that these devices are fun and safe all at the same time!