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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Tech Gifts for Kids My TickTalk

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Tech Gifts for Kids

Searching for the perfect gift for your child this holiday? We gathered the best gifts for kids this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthday, and everything in-between. If you’re like us, you want a gift that checks multiple boxes–beneficial for our kids, not annoying to us parents 😉, and something that will last way past the holidays. Here are our top picks for the best tech gifts for kids this holiday.

TickTalk 4 Kid’s Smartwatch

If your child has been begging for a cell phone, but they (or you) aren’t ready, a kid’s smartwatch phone is the perfect compromise. With everything your child needs to stay connected with family and friends, but no internet, games, or social media, TickTalk 4 is essentially a cell phone with training wheels. Calling, messaging, video calling, location tracking, Emergency SOS, 2x photo and video cameras, free streaming kid-friendly music powered by iHeartRadio Family*, and so much more, check peace of mind off your holiday list with a gift that’s both kid and parent-approved.

Twists Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Love your child, but sometimes want peace and quiet? 🙋‍♀️ With wireless Bluetooth headphones, your child can listen to their favorite song, watch their favorite movie (for the 50th time), and even do their online school work. These headphones work with any Bluetooth capable device to meet all of your needs this holiday.

Hatch Nightlight & Sound Machine

If you’ve recently had a baby, you know this is a cult classic; but the best part is it lasts way past infanthood. With customizable sounds, colors, and even timers to wake up that little sleepy head of yours, it’s a great tech device that won’t add to your screen time woes.

Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

If you have a very energetic child and a hamster wheel is out of the question, this light up dance mat is a perfect way to keep them active while expelling energy in a screen-free way. Think Dance, Dance Revolution for your living room for a fun cardio workout to get them ready for a long night of sleep.

Winning Fingers STEM Cube with Brain Games

This fun cube game helps teach kids memory, coordination, and brain skills. A great screen-free way to help improve hand eye coordination and speed, while also being a great stocking stuffer!

Unwrap peace of mind this holiday with our biggest sale of the year. Save $30 on TickTalk 4 kid’s smart watch phones or switch to a bundle to save $40 on the #1 kids smart watch with location tracking plus accessories. Plus, get free shipping on all orders. Have a great tech gift you recommend? DM us @myticktalk

*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers