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4 Reasons A Kid’s Smartwatch Is The #1 Gift This Holiday My TickTalk

4 Reasons A Kid’s Smartwatch Is The #1 Gift This Holiday

If you’re still searching for that perfect gift your child will absolutely love, we have you covered 👍 With everything your child needs to stay safe and connected with family and friends, but none of the dangers of a smartphone, a kids smartwatch phone is a great holiday gift this year (that’s also parent-approved!). Here’s why a kid’s tracking watch should be at the top of your holiday list:

Teaches Great Habits

Kids smart watch phones have all the essential tools for your child to develop independence and time management with features like Reminders, Do Not Disturb Class Mode, and Activity Tracker. With no social media, games, or internet access, a kids phone watch is a safe introduction to technology without you having to worry about screen time. With daily reminders, our kids learn consistency, the importance of having a balanced routine, and confidence as they complete tasks on their own. 

Designed By Parents For Kids 

As parents, we buy everything knowing it may not last past the day of 🙄 Named one of the most durable smartwatches for kids, TickTalk 4 is built to withstand daily wear and tear by kiddos, no matter what drops, bumps, or oops come their way. Our kids smartwatch is built to last and tested with kid-proof durability, including drop-proof, shock-proof technology, long-lasting battery, and IP67 water resistance. 

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

Knowing that our kids are just a phone call or message away when we’re apart allows us to connect more and worry less. Schedules get even busier during the holidays and with features like reminders and location tracking in our safe pre-cell phone for kids is beneficial for everyone in the family! Plus, with an Emergency SOS button on the side of their kids' wrist phone, your child can instantly call you in any situation to allow both of you to feel safer.

More Independence & Freedom

Giving your child a kids phone watch allows them to have more freedom without you having to sacrifice peace of mind. Many of the features included with a children’s smart watch allow independent navigation and exploration that keeps our kiddos both entertained and knowledgeable on the latest tech gadgets. TickTalk 4 comes packed with fun features like iHeartRadio Family* and 2x 5-megapixel Snapshot and Selfie photo and video cameras for kids to turn perfect moments into lifelong memories.

Keep your child safe and connected this holiday with the #1 voted kids smart watch phone! With calling, messaging, GPS location tracking, parental controls, Emergency SOS, and more, TickTalk 4 is the safest pre-cell phone for ages 5+ to keep your family safe, festive, and connected this winter. Order yours today!

*iHeartRadio Family only available for U.S. customers