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4 Ways To Get Involved During Breast Cancer Awareness Month My TickTalk

4 Ways To Get Involved During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month! While you’re probably wearing pink to show support for fighters and survivors you know, this year we challenge you to go above and beyond to spread awareness. Below you’ll find 4 ways that you can get involved and do more this October for Breast Cancer Awareness. Here’s just a few of the ways you can bring awareness and raise donations to go towards research, prevention, and treatment.

Charity Runs & Walkathons

Every October, there are tons of organizations that host charity runs and walkathons to support breast cancer. Men, women, and children come together for a common goal of supporting and raising awareness for breast cancer. You’ll see people wearing pink ribbons, shirts, customized outfits with the name of who they’re honoring, and pink wristbands. The creativity is endless and a great way to show your personality for a great cause! Local charity events are filled with your community of fighters and survivors, a great way to show support in your own backyard and build meaningful relationships. For our young girls, this is an opportunity to learn, grow, and stay educated on how to prevent or identify signs that will benefit them as they get older. Charity runs may be an event  you attend for one day, but leave with lifelong friends! 


If you’re in a position to financially give, there are great organizations like Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, or the National Breast Cancer Foundation that can make meaningful impacts for fighters and survivors. These foundations are all dedicated to help treat, research, and provide resources for breast cancer. At TickTalk, we’re donating 5% of proceeds of all our pink products to go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as a way to give back! There is no right or wrong amount when it comes to giving to charities. The goal is to make a difference to leave the world a better place. We fight the same battle in different ways to reach endless possibilities! 


While we continue to educate ourselves on breast cancer awareness and other initiatives we can take part in, educating our peers is a great way to give back. Telling a family member or friend about resources, events, and charities will continue to drive awareness and prevention. Another way to spread awareness is to share with co-workers. If your job has monthly meetings, it may be a good idea to suggest a forum or a meeting this October dedicated towards breast cancer prevention and awareness. Having honest conversations allows us to keep an open line of communication to support our friends, family, peers, and even children.

Social Awareness

 If you aren’t in a position to donate, participate in a charity event, or educate others as much as you’d like, you can still give back by creating social awareness. Social media, even though it has its downfalls, also allows us to spread positive information. Share resources for prevention, link to non-profits or organizations giving back, or even share your breast cancer story to inspire others. Showing your support, even digitally, can have a deep impact. You may be able to inspire, encourage,and motivate others to spread the word.

Having the opportunity to spread awareness for a great cause can be shown in various ways. The support that we provide in just one month has a lifelong impact in our communities.