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4 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Child This School Year My TickTalk

4 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Child This School Year

As parents, there are times that can be overwhelming. One of those times is when summer break is over and our children return to school for the new year. The start of a new year means more independence for our children, along with more responsibilities for us parents. From prepping, organizing, and teaching, our jobs as parents are multidimensional and don’t have an expiration date. One way to help lessen the stress of the new year is with a children’s smartwatch, which is a great pre-cell phone alternative for kids that’s age appropriate. Read on to find how a kid’s smartwatch can help you to stay safely connected with your child this school year!

Build a Routine

Having a daily routine with our children teaches them how to be structured and organized. As parents, there are many times we have to verbally remind our kids, again and again, to do certain tasks. The 3D Reminder feature on TickTalk 4 smartwatches allows a gentle nudge to be sent directly to their smartwatch. As a kid, there are certain tasks that are tedious like homework or other household chores. With 3D Reminders, those tedious tasks that we constantly remind our kids about can be less of a hassle for us and more enjoyable for our kids! This in lieu is only an addition to our verbal reminders to our kids. With Reminders, your child can easily learn responsibility, get more freedom, become organized and more independent.

Know They’re Safe

One way to always feel connected with your child is to know that they are safe when you’re apart. With Location Tracking, you can instantly get peace of mind in our free parent app, which keeps you up to date on your child’s location as well as their previous whereabouts. For most parents, ourselves included, our number one priority is keeping our kids safe. With no internet, games, or social media, your child gets a safe cell phone alternative to stay connected and safe, without you having to sacrifice peace of mind. The comfort we get in knowing they are okay makes everything else easier and stress free.

Stay in Contact

We all know how important communication is, and the goal as parents is to help our children understand the significance of communication. We want to create a space where our kids can verbalize their needs and are comfortable expressing the small details, wins, or losses throughout their day. Along with fostering strong interpersonal skills they can use throughout their lives, making sure we’re in communication with our kids is a priority and should be as easy as possible. With safe in-app messaging and video calling, you and your child can seamlessly communicate whenever, wherever. Our messaging features allow both you and your child to always stay in contact. Having a smartwatch, like TickTalk 4, gives our children a safe communication device to stay connected with friends and family, all while developing a healthier relationship with technology that is distraction free. 

Goal Setting

Our Activity Tracker feature is the perfect opportunity for our kids to learn about goal setting. With daily, weekly and monthly step goals, Activity Tracker is a great way for our kids to stay healthy, set goals, and engage in friendly competition. With the step championship, kids can compete against their TickTalk friends to take the most steps. We know as parents there’s only so much we can tell our kids until they feel we’re “just being parents,” and sometimes our children learn best by doing!

Being a parent is fun, non-stop, rewarding, and an ever-changing landscape. While our kids are constantly learning, so are we! The beauty in parenting is that we get to see our children constantly grow–physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometimes what we don’t see is that they are seeing the same growth in us. When we adapt to their learning styles, recognize that they need extra attention in a school subject, or when we know the details of their favorite stories, we are constantly evolving to be the best parents we can be. While our smartwatches are a product, they are designed by parents, for parents, to allow our families to be the best/safest/most connected we can be.