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5 Benefits of Your Child Using An Activity Tracking Smartwatch My TickTalk

5 Benefits of Your Child Using An Activity Tracking Smartwatch

With our children spending more time in front of screens, making sure they are staying active has become a concern for many parents. Getting kids away from their smart devices can be a struggle, but a kids smartwatch with Activity Tracker makes being healthier seamless and fun. If you’ve been struggling to encourage your child to be more active, here are the top five benefits of a kid's fitness tracker that will benefit your child physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Understand Their Current Activity Levels 

While the majority of parents consider their children physically active, studies find that less than 25% of children over age 6 are getting the recommended 60 minutes per day of physical activity. With a kids smartwatch that tracks steps, you’ll get a clearer insight into exactly how much your child is moving by being able to see their daily, weekly, and monthly steps. Knowing their current activity levels can help both you and your child come up with a game plan for physical activities that interest them while inspiring them to hit their goals.

Motivate Your Child To Exercise More

The average child spends only 4-7 minutes outside and a kid's fitness tracker can help motivate your child to have fun and play with daily step goals! Our kid’s smartwatches even come packed with a Step Championship for your child to compete for the most steps with their friends, creating a healthy competition to move more. Meanwhile, parents love that while their child is out playing with friends, they can know their child is safe with GPS location tracking.

Everyone Gets A Better Night’s Rest

Studies find that kids who are more physically active get better quality sleep than kids who don’t. By encouraging physical activity, a kids fitness tracker is the perfect tool for restless kiddos who aren’t excited for bedtime. Your child will love the motivation of hitting their step goals throughout the day all while being ready to take on the next day after a good night of rest. 

Better Moods & Grades

By being more active, your child will boost their mood and self-esteem by releasing much-needed endorphins. On top of that, studies show that children who get more exercise are shown to be more alert and respond quicker to cognitive tasks in the classroom, leading to better grades and test scores. It’s a win-win!

Build Healthy Habits That Last

Developing healthy habits in childhood makes it much easier to stay healthy as our kids grow into adults.  A kids smartwatch with fitness tracking gives kids the building blocks to success by creating a foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Not only does a kid’s smartwatch encourage a more balanced lifestyle, real-life connections, and a non-reliant relationship with technology, but they’ll learn the benefits of being active every day on their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Parenting in the digital age is hard. Teaching our kids to have a healthy relationship with technology isn’t easy, but a kids smartwatch with an Activity Tracker is a great way to teach our kids balance while staying safely connected. Have any #digitalparenting questions you want us to tackle? DM us @myticktalk!