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5 Hacks To Make Back To School Easier With A Kids Smartwatch My TickTalk

5 Hacks To Make Back To School Easier With A Kids Smartwatch

As the new school year approaches, your child may be begging for a cell phone even though they aren’t ready for one yet. Luckily, a kids smartwatch is a great compromise to keep your child connected with friends and family, while protecting them from cyberbullying, social media, and other online dangers. With a kids smart phone watch, your child still gets the freedom and independence they want, while you get peace of mind. Here are our top hacks on how a kids wrist phone can not only benefit your child this school year, but you as well! 

Lessen The Morning Chaos

Getting our kids out of the door on time is one thing, getting them to brush their teeth or get dressed can be like wrangling cats.  Luckily, a kids phone watch can save you time (and most importantly energy and zen-ness) in the morning with features like Reminders, Timers, and Alarms. Set a Timer to brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time (2 minutes, 2x per day according to the American Dental Association). You can even play a song on their favorite iHeartRadio Family playlist directly from their kids smartwatch phone to make a not-so-fun task something they look forward to every morning!

Make After School Pick Up A Breeze

The chaos that is school drop-off and pick-up–the impatient gatekeeper waving you through, a sea of children waiting along the curb, someone inevitably making a mistake and holding up the line. A kids wrist phone watch with two-way voice and video calling is a safe and easy way of contacting your child to find out exactly where they are and solve any miscommunications. Some childrens smartwatches, like the TickTalk 4, even have GPS location tracking for you to instantly see where they are if they aren’t picking up their watch phone. Say goodbye to the “You said you’d be here” conversation and hello to seamless pick up!

Get Help Around The House

Between busy mornings, extracurriculars, homework, and trying to maintain our own lives, finding time to do the necessary daily tasks around the house is overwhelming. A kids smartwatch phone is an easy way to teach your child responsibility and independence, while also getting them to help out around the house. A Harvard study found that children who helped with chores were not only more likely to be more independent, but also have a happy life (as if we needed more convincing). A kids phone watch with Reminders helps children learn time management, responsibility, and task completion, while also helping to lessen the load on parents.

Get Their Homework Done

Trying to get our kids to do their homework includes every tactic in the book–negotiations, bribes, compromises, and sometimes just complete meltdowns (theirs and yours). Some tips to make it easier? First, find out what kind of homework personality your little one is to pinpoint what works best. No matter their homework personality type, a childrens smartwatch helps them stay focused without you having to worry about screen time or games. With features like Do Not Disturb Mode for study and homework time, a phone watch for kids helps them stay on track without distractions. 

Get A Better Night’s Rest

Unlike a smartphone or tablet which can have a majorly negative effect on our kiddos sleep time, a kids wrist watch helps calm their minds before bed. With free podcasts and bedtime stories, a kids smartwatch phone is a great way to create a fun, screen-free nighttime routine that can positively impact their brain development, improve their vocabulary, and even help lower stress levels. Smartphones come packed with distractions, including blue light which interferes with our children’s melatonin levels (the sleepy hormone) before bed. A kids phone watch is a safer and healthier way to introduce technology to kids, allowing you to rest easy knowing your child is getting their much-needed sleep before the first day of school.

There are so many reasons a kids tracking watch should be on your back to school checklist, but having peace of mind is at the top! What are your favorite #backtoschool hacks? Send us a DM @myticktalk and we may feature in our next blog!