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5 Reasons Why a Kid's Smartwatch is a Must-Have for Summer Vacation My TickTalk

5 Reasons Why a Kid's Smartwatch is a Must-Have for Summer Vacation

As summer vacation approaches, many kids are getting excited about their time off from school while parents are finding ways to keep their kids busy. Whether it's summer camp, a family vacation, or just some fun in the sun, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the summer months. However, with all this excitement comes the need for a little extra safety and security. That's where a kid's smartwatch like TickTalk 4 can come in handy!

A kid's smartwatch phone is a wearable device that stays attached to your child’s wrist that's specifically designed for kids. TickTalk 4 is packed with features that can help keep your child safe, entertained, and connected during their summer break. Here are just a few of the benefits of a kid's smartwatch for summer vacation:

Location Tracking

One of the biggest concerns for parents during the summer months is keeping track of their kids. With a kid's smartphone watch, you can track your child's location in real-time using GPS location tracking technology. Using GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular tower signals, a kid’s tracking watch can provide peace of mind when your child is away at summer camp or exploring the neighborhood with friends.

Calling and Messaging

Our kid's wrist phones come equipped with a calling and messaging feature, allowing your child to stay in touch with you while they're out and about. This can be especially useful if you're separated in a crowded place (perfect for that summer Disney trip!), or if your child needs to reach you in case of an emergency.

Activity Tracking

Summer is a time for kids to get outside and be active! A phone watch for kids can help track their steps, distance, and even motivate your child to hit their goals This can encourage kids to stay active and healthy during their break, and can also provide helpful information for parents who want to make sure their child is getting enough exercise.


Long car rides or flights can be tough for kids, but a smartwatch for kids can provide a variety of entertainment options. Packed with fun features like 2x 5-megapixel cameras and free streaming music powered by iHeartRadio Family*, a kid’s phone watch can keep kids occupied and happy during travel time with unlimited kid-friendly songs, podcasts, and stories.

Safety Features

In addition to location tracking, our kid's smartwatches also come with safety features like an Emergency SOS button. If your child is in trouble, they can press the button and your TickTalk will automatically call a pre-set phone number for an emergency alert. Our TickTalk smartwatches even include 911 emergency response in case your child has an emergency situation–giving both you and your child peace of mind knowing help is always available. 

With summer fast approaching, a kid's smartwatch phone can be an extremely helpful tool for parents and a fun accessory for kids during the summer months. Packed with tons of kid-friendly features, it can provide safety, entertainment, and connectivity for children and parents alike. So why not consider getting one for your child's next summer adventure? Psst…use code HELLO20 and get $20 off plus free shipping on your TickTalk 4 kid’s smartwatch. Order yours today!