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5 Ways TickTalk Can Keep Your Family Connected This Spring Break My TickTalk

5 Ways TickTalk Can Keep Your Family Connected This Spring Break

As parents, we daydream of taking a family vacation–until reality sets in when we’re reminded of how much work it takes keeping our family connected and organized during those trips. With spring break quickly approaching, here are 5 ways a kids smartwatch can keep your family safely connected while also making traveling less stressful!

Stay Connected Through Your Travels

A kids watch phone is a seamless way for your family to stay safely connected during your travels as you battle road trips, airports, and public transport. With our parental control app, easily message, video call, and voice call your child on their kid’s phone watch if you get separated. Start a group chat with extended family to check-in on the family dog or keep their grandparents updated on your trip!

Get Peace Of Mind

Traveling with family is stressful. With a GPS smartwatch for kids, you can use location tracking to give your child freedom on your trip while maintaining peace of mind. Knowing that our kids are just a phone call or message away allows us to worry less to enjoy our trip! 

Keep Your Family Organized

A kids wrist phone can also keep your family organized for your vacation! With daily tasks and reminders, a children's tracking watch is a great way to stay ahead of family activities while on your trip. Set reminders for family outings, daily rituals like brushing teeth, and to pack their backpack for tomorrow’s outing. Even on spring break, your child can learn valuable skills like time management and task completion with a phone watch for kids.

Freedom While On The Road

Many of the features included with a phone watch for kids allows your child to be more independent. With voice calling, video calling, and messaging, your child can instantly call you in any situation, allowing you both to have peace of mind. Not only will your child be able to enjoy more freedom with a kids wrist watch, but your family will also get independence!

Capture The Moments

Not only will your family stay safe and connected with a smartwatch for kids, but your child can also capture their favorite moments while on vacation. Our kids smartwatch with cameras comes with 2x 5-megapixel Snapshot and Selfie photo and video cameras for kids to turn perfect moments into lifelong memories. What better way to make the most of your trip than being able to relive the moments far after you’ve experienced them! More importantly, a safe way to take photos and videos is with a kids emergency watch. There’s no extra worrying about your family's photos being shared, hacked, or stolen like with a cell phone. Your connection, content, and information stays safe!

Wherever you decide to take your family this spring break, get much deserved relaxation and peace of mind with a kids phone watch. A GPS smartwatch for kids will help keep your family connected and worry free during your spring break! It’s stressful enough with the planning, packing and traveling, so don’t add any extra pressure by worrying about your family connection during your vacation. Travel with a kids smartwatch to keep your family safe and connected!