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4 Ways TickTalk Can Help You Ace Back to School

4 Ways TickTalk Can Help You Ace Back to School

Back to School is an exciting time--new classrooms, shopping for supplies and waking up on the first day with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. But this year will look slightly different--some will be in-classroom, some in virtual learning and others trying homeschooling for the first time. Whichever option you are choosing for your family, let TickTalk help get your little one excited to go back! 

For a limited time, enter code SCHOOL for $20 off when you buy one TickTalk 3 or enter code CLASSMATES for $50 off when you buy two TickTalk watches! Plus get a free 50mL hand sanitizer with every purchase! Read on for some tips on how to best prep your child for Back to School! 

Teach Independence To Your Student

Many parents are trying to find balance in this “new normal.” Now is the perfect time to teach your little one to take ownership over their responsibilities. Encourage them to achieve tasks on their own with their homework, chores, online classes and reading time with the Reminders feature. Did you know learning independence can also be a great source of self-confidence for your child?

Master Social Skills 

Encouraging our children’s social skills and relationships during this unpredictable time is more important than ever. Create a Group Chat with your child’s classmates for social distanced connecting and collaborative learning. Plus it may get a couple of those homework questions redirected--who knew 3rd grade math was so hard

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Are you going to be heading back to the office or will your student be starting in-classroom instruction in the upcoming weeks? Always be a phone call or text message away with TickTalk and let us help alleviate any anxiety you may be having. These are odd times we are living in--don’t worry, we all feel it.

Protect Yourself and Your Little Ones 

Did you know we offer face shields for both adults and children? We started UpShield to provide cost-effective and safely made products during the pandemic. Using our international production network and supply chains, we’re able to provide quick production turnarounds so you can better protect your family (Psst... when you buy a face shield, we include a $10 off coupon for your next TickTalk watch!) 

Whatever Back to School looks like for you and your family, we hope TickTalk can help make it seem slightly more normal. Follow us on @myTickTalk on all the major platforms to be the first to hear exciting news!