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Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

Did you know that nearly 800,000 children go missing each year? That’s over 2,000 innocent children a day. With the numbers of child abductions increasing, a question parents must always have the answer to is this: Where is my child? Of course, as a parent, that’s something you should always know but what most fail to know is where their child(ren) have been.

TickTalk is a revolutionary kid locator watch, designed for kids with parents in mind. This watch doesn’t just inform you of where your child is, but it also tracks where your child has been as well by using the Playback feature. The touch screen capability is a plus as is the one-way text messaging feature inside the watch, so you will always be connected to your child(ren).

The growing number of missing children can be prevented by using every precaution known to man. Keeping your child from harm’s way is a priority and TickTalk is dedicated to providing parents assurance that their kids are exactly where they’re supposed to be and with who they’re supposed to be with. Did you also know that if you’re a T-Mobile user, you can add a new line on your Family Plan for a cheaper expense when you purchase the one-of-a-kind kids smart watch?

Child safety starts now.

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