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Safety and Fashion Combined

When it comes to the safety of our children, parents should take all of the necessary precautions and beyond in making sure children come home safe and sound. With technology advancing every year, keeping track of our kids is becoming an easier task.

The days of making sure children memorize the house phone number so they can check in, is a thing of the past. But what if your child is a little too young for a cell phone but you want to make sure you’re always in contact with them?

My Tick Talk’s kids GPS tracker is the start of the revolution that promotes safety with a great touch of fashion. These kids’ watches resemble the Apple watch with their sleek and modern design, come in a variety of colors and include a hefty list of technological superiority for total and complete safety.

The watch is constructed with a high resolution touch screen, just like the latest iPhone, provides a two-way communication between your own phone and allows up to 13 contacts.

The best thing about these nifty and fashionable wrist phones is the WiFi+GPS+LBS 3-way locators inside that accurately depict where your child(ren) are. The locator not only tracks where your little ones are but it reports the current location to the App and updates on the map in real time.

Children are safe, which is a good thing for parents, but they also can sport their GPS watch in a color that’s fashionable and looks great with their outfit.

Keep it safe and trendy with an original My Tick Talk watch.

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