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Everything you need to know about our Parent App

Everything you need to know about our Parent App

With our Free TickTalk Parental Control App you can stay in communication, safely locate & stay in control of the features you’d like your child to use on their smartwatch.

All messaging and video calling between you and your child takes place in our secure end-to-end encrypted app, offering your child the highest level of data privacy and protection.

What does the parent app include?

40+ Parental Controls

Stay in the driver's seat of your child's first smartwatch with our free Parent App featuring 40+ parental controls.

GPS Location Tracking

Enhanced with Google Maps, TickTalk 5 offers precise real-time tracking and history route to give you peace of mind

50+ Trusted Contacts

Always know who's contacting your child! Parents can also set access levels for each contact.

Block Unknown Numbers

Protect your child from unwanted callers by turning on the block unknown

numbers feature.

Set Reminders

Set up to 20 personalized reminders with 59 engaging 3D options, assisting your child in developing positive habits and routines!

Enable Focus Mode

Focus Mode minimizes distractions, allowing your child to focus during academic and school hours.

New Safety Measures Added To The Parent App

SOS & 911 Calls

Parents receive an alert, and their child's current location when they make

a 911 or SOS Call.

Manage Watch Contacts

Parental confirmation is required to add friends, greatly reducing the potential for unwanted interactions.

Low Battery Alert

The watch sends low battery alerts to parents, ensuring it's charged for

continuous contact.