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Holiday Tips and News

Holiday Tips and News

We want your Holiday Season this year to be unforgettable. That's why we have a couple of tips and some news for you to make sure you are prepared ahead of the big holiday rush.

Activate your TickTalk 3 Early

Plan ahead and setup your child’s TickTalk 3 ahead of that special Christmas morning so they can begin sending selfies, text messages and make video calls with family members. 📲🤳🎄

First, setup your SIM card with a regular cellphone plan. If using RedPocket, please go online and setup your account before you install it in your TickTalk.

You may need to update both the watch and the app so you have access to all of the amazing new features.

Pair the watch to the app and setup your favorite contacts so your child can call them as soon as they open thei TickTalk 3.

Our technicians are on standby to assist with any setup questions or any other issues you may run into Monday-Friday 9am-7pm PST. You may reach us at or call us at 1-(844) 260-4051.

* Please note that we will be off on Christmas day and the 26th so our technical support team will be unavailable to assist with any support issues

Holiday Shipping Schedule

Please be aware that during the Holiday Season all shipments may be delayed. Domestic shipping will take 2-5 business days. International shipping will typically take 5 business days, even with Priority Shipping option. 

For Fedex options, whichever shipping you choose, please note that Fedex only delivers on weekdays. So, if it is 2 day delivery that is considered 2 business days.

We hope you have a joyful holiday season!


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