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Fun New Features For The Holidays

Fun New Features For The Holidays

If you have been a part of the TickTalk family for a while, you are brand new or just exploring, we want to express our gratitude to all of your comments and ideas on ways to help the TickTalk 3 improve its usability as well as the addition of really fun and cool features.

Our goal here at TickTalk is to release updates that will provide a safer and easier way for families to communicate. We want to give children an immersive experience that they control and parents as well.

Our latest update includes the User Access Settings and Greeting Cards. 

User Access Settings

The user access settings now allows for the Admin to change the level of access that other verified app users connected to their child’s TickTalk 3 have. Many parents have reached out to us asking that we add this feature so that they can either limit what features others have or to give full Admin access to another parent, for example.

Now app users with limited access will no longer be able to track the child and will only see the option to use voice, WiFi, and  video calling, along with the messaging center and greeting cards for those special days.

Watch the Setup Video

Greeting Cards

With the addition of greeting cards, now app users and the watch can send notes of well wishes and love on special occasions to each other. Your child can create a card straight from their watch and send along a sweet voice message to go along with it, while parents can write a special message on their cards and schedule it to go out on a specific date.

Greeting cards add a whole new level to staying connected.

Watch the Setup Video

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