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Why Choose TickTalk Instead of Other Brands?

Why Choose TickTalk Instead of Other Brands?

We started this category development, children’s smart watch phone, 4 years ago and are now on our third generation of the TickTalk. As the Co-Founder and creative mastermind behind the development, I want to be transparent with you all.

First of all, children's watch phones are not a simple product to create. To make a fully working mobile phone so small, in addition it must be controlled by the parent's APP, which involves mobile hardware technology and Internet of Things technology. Especially when you must design such a small item in a way so it does not overheat and ensure that it provides a good signal, which is the most difficult task to achieve. Honestly, this is the real reason why bigger, more well-known companies are not entering this category field, and as a small start-up tech company, we do and can pay more attention to these difficult endeavors of gradually improving the technology, balance the technology with functionality, and finally achieve a more satisfactory experience and product. After all, at this stage, our goal is to provide customers with a product that they can trust and rely on.

Second, our company is the only manufacturer with a research and development team in China and the United States. We have our in-house hardware, software and server engineers, and we have someone responsible for the quality control of each batch. So we can continue to iterate our products quickly based on user feedback. 

All other sellers of child’s smart watch phones currently in the US market are looking for a Chinese produces product that works and looks good and just place their logo on it. Even the servers they use are provided by Chinese manufacturers, which are called public servers, which means that many brands are using a server with a low cost, but data security is questionable.

Now, let's talk about hardware. As a mobile phone, the signal is the most important. Those 2G and 3G smart watches for kids have very poor signals in many places, but those sellers completely ignore this problem, which is totally irresponsible of them since they know of this issue. They only want to get their business that one time since they realize there are  30 million children in this country. They have plenty of opportunities to make a profit. Even though there are a few 4G watches on Amazon, it is not easy to meet the US frequency band. After a lot of actual test corrections, it is clear through their reviews that Amazon sellers are not successful in testing all of the US frequency bands.

Many people compare us to LG Gizmo. In fact, you cannot compare our product with theirs. The Gizmo does not currently have a camera, let alone the video calling feature. I am sure that this product is not developed by LG. In the mobile phone industry, there is a business model called ODM, which refers to the process of taking the existing products from the manufacturer and selling them with their own logo. Many of Samsung's low-end models are produced this way, and they do not conduct R&D and production at all because of the low cost.

With the latest TickTalk 3’s major update we did encounter some problems. For example, Android APP users could not connect to our server which caused message failures. I am here to apologize to all of you. However, our engineers have fixed this problem, so please upgrade as soon as possible. In addition, we will continually upgrade our watch and release more useful features in the near future. Please follow our social media accounts and check our website often so you never miss our official announcements on any updates.

Finally, on behalf of our entire TickTalk Team, I sincerely wish you and your children all the happiness and joy that TickTalk may bring. Your support is the driving force behind our persistence and hard work. We will continue to provide you with better products and services for years to come.


Joey Cai


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