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TickTalk 3 Real Battery Life Statistics

TickTalk 3 Real Battery Life Statistics

TickTalk Users, 

Thank you very much for your continued support and trust with one of the most precious beings in your life, your children.

Some customers have recently complained that our products have a very short battery life. There are still many people who have been hesitant to purchase the TickTalk 3 because they feel it is too big of a risk. 

We would like to confirm that our firmware version 3.9.7, while in standby mode, has no problem lasting longer than 36 hours.

*Standby refers to the actual battery life when it is not being used after switching on the network.

For this reason, we combed through the statistics of 3,000 customers battery life for the TickTalk 3, and found that watches used with varied use produced the following results:

  • 6 hours or less only accounted for 0.77%
  • 6-10 hours accounted for 4.91%
  • 10-20 hours accounted for 24.22%
  • 20-40 hours accounted for 42.9%
  • 40-60 hours accounted for 27.2%. 

With this clear data on the battery life, most users may use their watch all day without any issues with their battery life.

Just as I am sure you are aware, we are continually updating our operating system, and improving the battery life is always top of our list. We will soon release a new version of the firmware that optimizes the battery consumption. According to our measurements conducted in California, the standby time is up to 52 hours. At present, we are still doing the final test work and modifying any bugs. We plan on releasing the new version within a few days.

Tips to improve battery life:

  • Charge battery overnight. Even though you are not using the watch at night it will still be on standby time which will drain the battery
  • Use WiFi at home and turn WiFi off while outside of WiFi reception
  • If at a location, for example a school with no WiFi or poor reception, you can place the watch on airplane mode and turn off when in a place with better reception

Once again, thank you for choosing TickTalk for your communication needs.

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