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How TickTalk differs from our competitors My TickTalk

How TickTalk differs from our competitors

We spent thousands of hours researching, designing, and testing the TickTalk 4 to be the best smartwatch available for ages 5-12. Unlike other smartwatches, TickTalk 4 is designed specifically for kids by parents who understand the nuances of parenting in the modern age. With TickTalk 4, you get:

✅ 2x 5MP photo and video cameras instead of a singular 2MP camera which most of our competitors have (if they have any camera at all) to video call loved ones and capture memories 

✅ The world's largest battery capacity in a children's smartwatch, a 1,000 mAh battery with an average of 62+ hours of battery life with continuous usage and 100+ hours of standby time versus our competitors with up to 63% smaller batteries 

✅ 1.56 inch touch screen and durable wristband with extra frequency bands to improve cellular coverage nationwide 

✅ Up to 53 parent-approved contacts (versus our competitors who only allow between 10-20 contacts), Talk-To-Text custom dictated messages, video calling, a regularly updated parental control app that gives you almost complete control, and all the features of an adult smartwatch, made responsibly for kids

✅ End-to-end encryption, 24/7 security over our backend, one of the most trusted cloud servers, and more to ensure your child's information stays private

✅ A smartwatch completely designed for kids with raised edges to protect from shattered screens, drop-proof technology, IP67 water resistance, and easy-to-clean materials 

We are consistently developing our current and future products and have plans to introduce a smaller version of the TickTalk 4 in 2023 for children younger than age 5 as well as children with smaller wrists. Be sure to follow us on social media @myticktalk for the latest news and developments! 

When you choose TickTalk, you aren’t getting a product built for adults--without thinking about the realities of a child’s lifestyle or one riddled with distractions like games, social media, and the internet--you’re choosing the smartwatch that over 200,000 families worldwide have chosen to keep their families safely connected.