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5 Tips on Using Your TickTalk to Make Virtual Learning Easier

5 Tips on Using Your TickTalk to Make Virtual Learning Easier

When we first heard we’d be taking over school duties for our kids, our minds flooded with images of our soon-to-be Pinterest-perfect at-home classroom where our little ones became fully self-sufficient, fluent in three languages, and able to cook an entire meal from scratch from our all-encompassing learning schedule. 

It’s safe to say that literally none of these things happened (a parent has gotta dream, right?) and we think teachers should be paid a million dollars per year for everything they do. One thing that has helped us endlessly is the Reminders on our little one’s TickTalks! Between trying to work from home, manage a household, and keep our kids on schedule for online learning, Reminders have been a lifesaver. 

So how can the Reminders feature help you out, you ask? Read on to see all the ways the parents here at TickTalk have been able to use them! 

  • Schedule out reminders for all their online class times so they know exactly when they need to log in (which will save you from hearing “When do I need to log in?” about 5,000 times.
  • Set up reminders to differentiate between independent learning time, reading time, online classes, and more 
  • Create reminders for taking a break, time to go back to class, and logging into i-Ready
  • Make daily reminders with a Word of the Day to help with vocabulary or even learning a new language (my child will be fluent in pasta types by the end of virtual learning)
  • Have to go into the office or can’t be at home while your little one is online learning? You can add additional admins to the App to help your caregiver with your child’s routine to make sure they are staying on track! 

We love hearing from you! Tell us your tricks, tips, and hacks for making this time easier for your family! Find us at @myTickTalk on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn and share your secrets! Until next week, TickTalk fam!