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Meet the Safest Smartwatch for Kids My TickTalk

Meet the Safest Smartwatch for Kids

TickTalk was created to solve a problem most families face today: wanting to stay connected to our children, without necessarily being ready to give them a cell phone. Designed by two parents who were facing this exact dilemma, we’re guided by the idea that knowing our children are safe shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice peace of mind. 

Why Choose TickTalk

Our children will grow up with technology, whether we like it or not. We’ve heard the stories: babies' first words being “Alexa” over “Mama,” teens not being able to recognize themselves without filters, online predators, cyberbullying, and the list goes on. Giving our kids a cell phone is one of the biggest decisions we’ll make as parents. We want to be able to contact our children and know they are safe when we’re apart, but why does that mean we have to accept the unacceptable? That’s where TickTalk comes in!

How TickTalk Keeps Kids Safe

Our children deserve to feel safe and we, as parents, deserve to have peace of mind--no questions asked. With no internet, games, or social media, your child gets a safe cell phone alternative to keep your family connected, without any of the risks. Keep your family safe with great features like:

Location Tracking

With your TickTalk parent app and your kids tracking watch, always know your child is safe with 3-way smart location tracking using GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular tower signals to best pinpoint their location. With History Routes, enter specific timeframes to view your child’s past locations directly from your parent app.

Emergency SOS

If your child holds the red button on their TickTalk for 5 seconds, your watch will automatically call your Emergency SOS contact. If your Emergency SOS contact doesn’t answer, your children's smart watch phone will automatically call your first two contacts stored as your Parent Shortcut Dial Icons to make sure your child gets the help they need.

911 Emergency Response

Emergencies happen and we want your child to feel safe and protected. If your child pushes the silver button once and the red button twice, your TickTalk will automatically call your local 911 dispatch.  

Parent-Approved Contacts

From your TickTalk parent app, you get the final say on who your child can contact. Approve up to 53 trusted contacts by having them download the TickTalk app, request permission to add your child, and set individual access levels for each contact. Have someone who doesn’t want to download the app? Add them as a Phone Book contact for your child to be able to call! 

Set Individual Access Levels for Trusted Contacts

With TickTalk, you can give every contact individual access levels to fit your family best! Give a contact Full Access to have the same settings as you, including seeing your child’s location, editing their settings, and more (great for parents, grandparents, older siblings, and guardians). Give a contact Limited Access to only use calling and messaging (great for friends, classmates, and anyone who doesn’t necessarily need to see your child’s location). 

Block Strangers

With our secure Firewall, block any unknown numbers from contacting your child. Once enabled, only parent-approved contacts can get through to your kids smartwatch phone.

End-To-End Encryption 

We partnered with the world’s most secure cloud server to protect every call, video call, and message to make sure your child’s conversations stay private. With end-to-end encryption, we scramble all data transmission between your TickTalk parent app and your child’s smartwatch, where only you have the key to unlock it, to make sure your child’s information is protected. 

Parental Controls 

With 20+ parental controls, your TickTalk parent app gives you complete control over your child’s TickTalk smart watch. Enable or disable individual features, view your watch call logs and blocked SMS texts, save an Emergency SOS contact, edit your contact’s access levels, and more.

Remote Answer

Added for emergencies when you are unable to get ahold of your child, Remote Answer will prompt your TickTalk to automatically call you back within 60 seconds with your end muted to listen to your TickTalk’s surroundings. This feature should only be used for emergencies and is only available to Full Access users. 

Watch Power Off Control

Have a child who likes to turn things off they shouldn’t be turning off? In your TickTalk parent app, disable the ability to manually power off your children's smart phone watch so you can always get ahold of them.

Long-Lasting Battery Life 

With the world’s largest battery capacity in a children’s smartwatch, parents get peace of mind knowing they can always contact their child. With a 1,000 mAh battery, TickTalk 4 gets an average of 60+ hours of battery life with regular usage and 100+ hours of standby time. 

How TickTalk Keeps Families Connected

With no internet, games, or social media, your child gets a safe cell phone alternative to keep your family connected 24/7, without any of the risks like strangers or inappropriate internet content. With a kids wrist phone, your family can safely connect with tons of features like:

Voice Calling & Video Calling

Your TickTalk works exactly like a cell phone with voice and video calling. Save up to 53 parent-approved contacts for your child to safely call. Once our secure Firewall is enabled, only trusted contacts will be able to communicate with your child. With FaceTalk video calling, see your child anytime, anywhere directly from their watch!


With TickTalk Messaging, your child can easily message with parent-approved contacts using Talk-To-Text for custom dictated messages, preset text responses, photos, GIFs, emojis, voice recordings, and more with individual messages and group chats. Any numbers who try to text your child who are not approved will be automatically blocked.

How TickTalk Helps Parents

Every aspect of our watches are designed by parents who believe that tech should improve our lives, not add to the stress. Every feature on our kids smartwatches are designed to do one of three things: protect our children, keep our families connected, or give our kids the tools to build lifelong, healthy habits. 

Activity Tracker 

Looking for ways to get your child to get away from the screen? Use your TickTalk parent app to set daily step goals and make being active fun. In the Step Championship, your child can compete with their TickTalk friends to earn the gold, silver, or bronze medal to make being healthy a fun competition! 


Added when our founders would have to remind their daughter to clean up her toys every night, easily teach your child time management and task completion with 60+ reminders with fun 3D animations. Simply select what reminder you want to set (or create your own), set the date and time, and your child will be automatically notified to independently complete their task. 

Do Not Disturb Class Mode

Having a smartwatch that does tons of fun things is great, but we know how important it is to focus when the time comes. From your TickTalk parent app, save Do Not Disturb times to lock your watch screen, turning it into a simple clock, to limit distractions and encourage your child to focus. 

TickTalk Features Kids Love

Free Streaming of Kid-Friendly Music by iHeartRadio Family*

With thousands of songs, podcasts, and stories, your child can listen to kid-friendly jams on iHeartRadio Family at no extra cost. Worried about your child listening too much? Easily save daily music limits and restrictions or disable the feature altogether from your TickTalk parent app. That’s the best part about TickTalk--you get to decide. 

*Only available for U.S. customers

5-Megapixel Selfie & Snapshot Cameras

With 2x 5MP cameras, your child can take photos and videos to create memories that last forever. Your child can easily share photos with parent-approved contacts in TickTalk Messenger. 

Trusted By 230K+ Families Worldwide

We can go on and on about all the features and safety settings we offer families, but why listen to us when you can listen to families just like yours? With families in over 80 countries who’ve used TickTalk since we first launched in 2016, TickTalk 4 has over 1.3K reviews with an average 4.5-star rating since being released in May 2021. Here are just some of our happy customers:

As a parent, I would recommend the TikTalk 4 watch for your child as extra peace of mind (times two). Peace of mind for parents AND for your little one. Our daughter felt instantly more comfortable playing at her friend’s house knowing we were only a button away. [...] We love the features provided to us as parents and we've found more than enough reasons to justify this purchase. - Eric & Genise, Amazon

WOW! I am so impressed with this watch! [...] This watch has brought me so much peace of mind. In this changing world, I know I can readily identify where he is and he can call or message me! This was the best investment I have made in regard to technology. I showed my co-worker all of its features and she got one for her son. [...] You will not regret this purchase and neither will your child! Invest in your personal peace! - Lisa E., Trustpilot

This watch has been a great gift for my 7-year-old. I feel comfortable giving him more freedom in our neighborhood with the peace of mind that I can contact him and see where exactly he is. However, the best thing is that it is the perfect watch for families with multiple households and co-parenting. Both parents can have admin access without being on the same phone plan like other kid watches which is key in this situation. [...] IYKYK. - Kristina G., Amazon

Get Peace of Mind Today

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