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Our Promise To Protect Children's Privacy My TickTalk

Our Promise To Protect Children's Privacy

Protecting children’s online information is incredibly important to TickTalk. We previously let you know the  steps we were taking to address the concerns of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). As soon as we were contacted by CARU, we acted quickly to resolve any issues and are excited to share that we are now not only COPPA compliant, but also COPPA Certified by an FTC-approved Safe Harbor Program! 

While CARU did not find any violations with our TickTalk 4 smartwatches or how we collect and/or use children’s information,  CARU did determine that our website Privacy Policy did not “provide clear and complete, and non-confusing, notice of it’s children’s information collection practices” and that we did not “provide any notice that would constitute a direct notice [or provide verifiable consent of the information collection practices] to parents as required by  COPPA [the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act].  

As parents ourselves, we understand the need for full transparency into our information collection purposes. We’ve been hard at work and are excited to share these exciting changes with you!

  • We’ve redone our  Privacy Policy to give parents and guardians full transparency into our children’s information collection practices including what information we collect, how we use it, who can see it, your choices as a parent, and more.
  • We’ve released a TickTalk app update adding in direct notice and verifiable parental consent before you can continue using or setting up your TickTalk device as well as make all of your child’s personal information optional to input, except for phone number as this is required for your child’s TickTalk to work.
  • For children who don’t own a TickTalk smartwatch, but want to message or call a TickTalk user, we’ve added a method to get their parent’s consent before being able to register for a TickTalk app account.
  • We completed a technical assessment with the assistance of our FTC-approved Safe Harbor Program on both our website and products to ensure our user information practices are completely secure.
  • We’ve updated our  Terms of Service and added in a link to our Privacy Policy to allow you to review at any time directly from the parental control app.
  • We’ve updated our website to have our policies easy to view in multiple places including our main navigation bar and TickTalk 4 product page.
  • We created a video to easily explain our Privacy Policy and information collection practices which you can view here.

At TickTalk, we believe in being fully transparent and will always go above and beyond to give our customers the safest smartwatch possible for your child. We take children’s online safety seriously and we’re excited to have the opportunity to work closely with both CARU and an FTC-Approved Safe Harbor Program to swiftly resolve any and all concerns. Read our Q&A with CARU where we discuss how other companies can follow our lead in protecting children's private information!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Thank you for trusting us!