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Safety Never a Distraction

Safety Never a Distraction

When it comes to technology and children, the subject of children having a certain amount of access to the digital world has been controversial for years. Cell phone text messaging has replaced note passing, calculators are rarely used in class if a child has access to a phone. Cell phone user ages are getting younger every year and the concern over whether kids phones are a distraction or useful continues to be debated.

However, in this day in age, kids are always on the go and need to keep in contact with their parents at a moment’s notice. Kids phones look like watches and act as a phone. It’s very easy to track your child with the use of this specific type of technology vs. a regular cell phone, but other models of wrist gps devices come with games and offer a lot of minutes, which can ultimately lead to children becoming distracted. The TickTalk kids phone has been designed to be worn like a typical wrist watch and acts as a gps tracker for children.

The TickTalk is the most fashionable child gps locator on the market. One of its great features, amongst the others, is how it only allows up to 13 contacts to be stored. The limited amount of contacts the child has, the less he/she will be distracted from communicating with individuals who are not an emergency contact.

The TickTalk is a wonderful device that keeps parents up to date on their kids’ whereabouts and most importantly, it keeps children safe.

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