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TickTalk Launches ‘TickTalk University’, A Commitment to Educating Parents and Families on Relevant Topics in the New Digital Age of Parenting

TickTalk Launches ‘TickTalk University’, A Commitment to Educating Parents and Families on Relevant Topics in the New Digital Age of Parenting My TickTalk



BREA, California – TickTalk announces the launch of TickTalk University (TTU), a groundbreaking commitment to educate, support and be a resource for parents across the globe learning to better teach their children in this new digital age. With TTU, our goal is to help parents obtain the knowledge they need to provide a better future for both their children and family as a whole. Through the initiative, the company will serve as an industry thought leader by educating parents on trending topics and technology changes that may impact parenting in this digital age.

A series of blogs, emails & social media content with a different topic spotlighted bi-weekly will be the basis of TickTalk University. TTU will also provide a platform for parents to voice what topics they want to learn more about. We pride ourselves on listening to the everyday needs of parents and the struggles that come with being a parent.

“We started TickTalk to help families around the world stay connected anytime, anywhere. During the pandemic, I saw families struggling to survive, with many children not knowing where their next meal would come from. As a parent, it made me incredibly sad and I wanted to take action. TickTalk University is the perfect solution–allowing us to broaden our goal of helping parents globally while simultaneously improving the world our children will inherit,” said Ying Gong, President and Co-Founder of TickTalk.

TickTalk University (TTU) serves as a hub for parents to continue to learn more about how they can be the best role models and leaders for their children. With relevant topics, TTU aims to keep parents educated, informed, and aware of the many changes in the digital space that have an impact on parenting styles and family life as a whole. TickTalk University will create awareness around digital parenting, parental controls, screen-time balance and many more topics that are constantly changing on a day to day basis. 

As parents and industry thought leaders in tech, at TickTalk we pride ourselves on the education we bring to families across the world to help shape the next generation of doctors, educators, lawyers, athletes and creatives. With TTU, we bring parents peace of mind by providing the knowledge and information many parents can benefit from!

TickTalk University launches June 12, 2023. To learn more, please contact