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Upgrading or Downgrading Your TickTalk Wireless Plan

Upgrading or Downgrading Your TickTalk Wireless Plan

We understand that needs change, so we make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your TickTalk Wireless plan at any time.

For TickTalk 4 users, you can choose between the Premium or Essential Plan. The Premium Plus and Essential Plus plans are exclusive to TickTalk 5 users. If you select a Plus plan by mistake, our team will contact you to adjust your plan to either the Premium or Essential Plan.

Follow these steps to change your plan:

  1. Sign In: Visit TickTalk Wireless and sign in to your account. A code will be sent to your email for verification.
  2. View Current Plan: Once logged in, navigate to your current plan by clicking on Subscription Details.
  3. Access Plan Details: Click on Plan Details to see more information.
  4. Change Plan: Scroll to the bottom and click on Change Plan.
  5. Select New Plan: Your current plan will be marked as "Current Plan." Choose the new plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to and review the details.
  6. Confirm Selection: Click on Select Plan, schedule your payment, and your new plan will take effect at the onset of the next billing cycle.

We aim to ensure your experience is seamless and convenient. If you have any questions, our support team is always here to help.