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What Is The Main Difference Between TickTalk 4 & TickTalk 5?

What Is The Main Difference Between TickTalk 4 & TickTalk 5?

Whether you're already part of the digital parenting community with our TickTalk 4 model, or you're just beginning your digital parenting journey for the first time, below you'll find some of the main changes and differences between our previous TickTalk 4 model and our current TickTalk 5 model: 

Product Aspects:

  • Enhanced Cellular Reception: The new design avoids internal electromagnetic interference, which improves reception by about 5%. Additionally, the TickTalk 5 stands out with global signal coverage that closely mirrors full smartphone frequency bands, offering the best communication reliability in its class. This feature elevates the product's communication capabilities beyond any other children's watch on the market, offering stronger and more stable connectivity.

  • Upgraded GPS System: TickTalk delivers precise and swift real-time location tracking, powered by Google Maps. Additionally, it offers historical route information and tracking history in tracking mode. TickTalk's location tracking is over 20% faster and more accurate than comparable products.

  • Improved Strap Material: The strap is made of premium liquid silicone rubber, offering a soft touch and comfortable wear.

  • Compact Design: The watch's length has been reduced by 6 millimeters, and its thickness by 1 millimeter.

  • Child-Friendly Size: The TickTalk 5, weighing 1.94oz, is 20% lighter than the TickTalk 4, which weighs 2.4oz. This makes the TickTalk 5 more suitable for children as young as 3 years old.

  • Enhanced Waterproof Feature: TickTalk has enhanced the waterproofing reliability of the device by fortifying the SIM card cover with additional fastening mechanisms for superior protection.

  • Improved Battery Efficiency: While reducing the product's weight and size, TickTalk simultaneously enhanced battery efficiency. The watch still delivers over 80 hours in tracking mode and lasts a full day with regular use. Its standby time remains up to 100+ hours.

  • ScreenSafe Design: TickTalk continues its tradition of screen protection with its unique ScreenSafe design. This advanced design significantly enhances resistance to impacts, greatly minimizing the risk of screen damage. As a result, the likelihood of screen breakage during actual use is reduced to less than 0.1%. We've utilized a liquid silicone rubber for the case to enhance its overall durability.


  • Additional Safety Measures: Added new features that send an immediate alert to the Admin user, including the current location, when the watch calls 911 or an SOS number. Also introduced a low battery notification for the watch.

  • Parental Control Innovations: Added the feature to enable the Admin user to invite other app users to connect to the watch.

  • Greeting Card Enhancements: Updated all greeting cards to 3D animation.

  • App Messaging Updates: We have redesigned the chat center to make it easier to switch between group chats and individual chats. Additionally, we have introduced a new series of 3D monster gif emojis to make chatting more fun.

  • Watch Messaging Updates: The chat interface has been redesigned to be more kid-friendly, simplifying the use of various communication methods (talk-to-text, voice messaging, preset responses, photos, emojis, gif stickers) directly from the watch interface, even for younger children.

  • New Operating System and Interface: New watch tOS, UI/UX, more new watch faces and themes.

  • Parent App Improvements: Updated the parent app, making the interaction simpler and more user-friendly.


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