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What are our Testers saying about the TickTalk 4?

What are our Testers saying about the TickTalk 4?

Our group of testers have been hard at work putting the TickTalk 4 to the test! Located in various areas of the US, our testers have been giving their honest feedback on the TickTalk 4. So what did they have to say?

  • "I love the new battery. It seriously has lasted days for us at a time." - Amy
  • "My son loves the music and camera, I love that the battery lasts through the whole school day." - Ashley
  • "[My son] actually wears a Fitbit Inspire 2 that he bought previously and [the activity tracker on the TickTalk 4] is comparable." - Misty
  • "The TickTalk 4 is steps above the TickTalk 3. The battery lasts longer. The features are better and more advanced and the watchband is more secure." - Ashley
  • "[The TickTalk 4] looks really nice, not too childish for my older kids (8 & 10) so they don't mind wearing it." - Sarah
  • "I love that during non-school hours [my son] can take photos, listen to music and enjoy all the features but then during school, he isn't distracted with the Do Not Disturb Mode activated." - Ashley
  • "We love TickTalk watches and the company. We have had versions 2, 3, and now 4 and they are constantly making improvements!" - Amy

Our shipping date for our TickTalk 4 pre-orders is getting closer and we can't wait for your family to experience it!

Have any questions? Reach out to our Support Team Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM and we are happy to help! Don't forget to follow us on social @myticktalk to get the latest news. Until next time, #TickTalkers!