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Why Kids Smartwatches Are Better Than Cell Phones My TickTalk

Why Kids Smartwatches Are Better Than Cell Phones

At some point, every parent will have to decide if they should give their child a cell phone. With social media, cyberbullying, online predators, and other dangers of the internet, parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice peace of mind while staying connected with their child. Luckily, kids smart watch phones are a great alternative to adult smartphones! Why?

Kids Wrist Phones Are Easy To Use

Let’s be honest--kids lose things. An expensive cell phone is an investment you have no guarantee will be protected. Luckily, with a children's watch phone, it's easy for your child to use while staying securely attached to their wrist. Your child is less likely to lose their kids smart watch phone than a cell phone and by staying on their wrist, can always see you calling!

Kids Watch Phones Help Your Child Be Healthier

Smartphones can lead to more screen time playing games, scrolling social media, and watching unlimited video content. Kids watch phones come packed with healthy features like activity trackers to encourage your little one to get outside and be active. Some kids tracking watches offer fun incentives like healthy step competitions with friends to encourage your little one to meet their goals!

Kids Smart Watch Phones Are Safer

Online games have had recent problems showing inappropriate content to kids including pornography, self-harm images, and encouraging eating disorders. Another big concern is misinformation--with video platforms having algorithms that are designed to expose viewers to more and more extreme content over time, children do not have the ability to decipher what is real or fake. With more and more studies showing the negatives of social media on children and teens, kids watch phones give your child the features they need without the ones they don’t. With built-in parental controls, GPS location tracking, firewalls to block strangers from calling your child, kids wrist phones are great at giving your child the freedom they crave, while allowing you to have peace of mind.

Smartwatches for Kids Limit Screen Time

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry found the average child between ages 8-12 in the United States spends 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens. Wow! Cell phones give children easy access to games, unlimited online content, and never ending scrollable videos. With no games, social media, or internet access, smart watches for kids minimize their screen time so you can focus on family connection. 

Kids Smart Phone Watches Keep Your Child Off Social Media

Studies have found that children using social media had higher levels of depressive symptoms, declines in life satisfaction, and higher levels of stress and anxiety. At some point, your child will create a social media account, but with a phone watch for kids, you can push that time until they are ready. Phone watches for kids allow you to give your child a safe introduction to technology without worrying about the negatives of being online.

Phone Watch for Kids Allow You To Decide Who Your Child Talks To

With adult cell phones or smartphones, you have no control over who is contacting your child. With scam calls and telemarketers, your child won’t always know who is trustworthy and may accidentally give out their personal information. With a kids smart watch phone, you can approve who is contacting your child to protect them from strangers or unknown callers making it the safest cell phone alternative for your child. 

Children’s Phone Watches Keep Your Investment Safer

Adult smartphones are great for adults--but as anyone who has children knows, they have the ability to get peanut butter, slime, and dirt on everything they touch (even when there’s no peanut butter to be found). Children’s tracking watches are made with durable materials to be easy to clean and protect from screen shatters, drops, and bumps making them more long-lasting.

Kids Smart Watches Are Easy To Use

Design and usability play a huge part in how a child communicates. With simpler user interfaces and only the features your child needs, kids phone watches give your family a safe cell phone alternative to keep your child safe and connected with family.

Children’s Wrist Phones Help Build Good Habits

Unlike cell phones, children’s smart watch phones come packed with features that help your child build healthy habits early on. Kids smart watches can teach your child confidence, responsibility, time management, task completion, and focus without the negative effects of immediate gratification or excessive screen time

Kids smart phone watches are a great alternative for your child compared to adult cell phones to give your family peace of mind. With a children’s smart watch phone, you can keep your child safe and connected with family and loved ones with no strings attached.