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Insert the SIM card correctly

Insert the SIM card correctly

Some customers return their watches to us because of a “No Service” or “Insert SIM” message on their TickTalks. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with the watch itself. You just have to make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly using the Micro SIM adapter. 

Correct SIM Card Size

Here, you can see how the SIM card should not be so small that it can move around in the SIM card slot. That means you are using the Nano SIM card size. But, if you use the Micro SIM card adapter, your Micro SIM sized SIM card will fit perfectly flush with no room for movement. 

Next, make sure that you place the metal SIM card bracket over your SIM card and slide it into the LOCK position. And, finally, please make sure you don’t forget to turn the watch off, then back on again after inserting your SIM card in order for your watch to read it properly!


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