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Important Watch OS Update Alert 🔔  tOS 4.3.5 My TickTalk

Important Watch OS Update Alert 🔔 tOS 4.3.5

Along with our Parental Control App update, we’ve also been working hard to optimize our watch end user experience! Our new tOS 4.3.5 update:
- Offers your child a new diverse range of emojis with multiple skin tones to choose from
- Optimizes our Parental Control App Feature/Setting notifications on the watch end 
- Fixes a Firewall failure issue experienced by select customers
- Fixes a Timer freezing issue that was experienced by select customers 
We’ll continue to listen to all your suggestions to optimize your child’s user experience on their TickTalk! Due to differences in global wireless carriers and call formats in various countries, we are unable to conduct global tests and cannot guarantee that all global issues will be resolved with this update. If you experience any issues, please notify our team as soon as possible so we can work to find a resolution ASAP. We appreciate your patience as we work to create the best possible TickTalk experience for your family! ❤️