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Update Alert! TickTalk 3.4 Tos

Update Alert! TickTalk 3.4 Tos

Please check your TickTalk Operating System (TOS) on your TickTalk 3. Updating your TOS will improve your TickTalk experience, so we recommend you always check for updates.
Go to your TickTalk 3 Settings on your watch and scroll down to Tos. You will see a red dot if you need to make the update.
Here is a list of the changes we made:
  • Latest version is listed as 3.4
  • Fixed minor bugs 
  • Optimized battery life. The focus for this update was on the reception issue. So now, instead of searching for service every minute it now searches every 5 minutes under bad reception conditions. For example, if your child is at school where there is bad reception the watch would search over and over for cellular reception, draining the battery. With this fix the watch will not drain its' battery as fast under these conditions.
  • Added wider scope of APN codes for worldwide compatibility
We will continuously release updates to the TickTalk 3 Operating System (Tos). We listen to all of our customers and try our best to resolve and issues in a timely manner.
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