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Watch OS Update Alert! Version 4.3.3 🔔⠀ My TickTalk

Watch OS Update Alert! Version 4.3.3 🔔⠀

As our customers have been receiving their TickTalk 4 pre-orders, we’ve been listening closely to your feedback and suggestions. To give you the best possible experience with your TickTalk, we’ve released a new tOS update to solve the issues some of you have been experiencing. Our tOS 4.3.3 update:
- Fixes the Firewall bug a select few customers were experiencing to successfully block any and all unknown calls 
- Optimizes our locator algorithm mode to utilize Wi-Fi locating when indoors
- Fixes and optimizes our Contact loading 
- Sets your @iHeartRadio Family streaming to Wi-Fi only under default with an option to change for anytime in the app
- Removes the wireless carrier Customer Service and Balance Inquiry numbers in Contacts
- Combines sound mode settings for easy setup, merging Sound Mode, Ringtones, Click Sound Effect and Volume under 1 setting option
- Allows you to setup screen on-time to keep your child from waking the screen to often and optimize battery life 
- Fixes the issue of being able to access calls under Do Not Disturb mode when battery is under 10% 
- Optimizes T-Cloud backup and synchronization

Have questions or feedback? Reach out to our Support Team here. Be sure to follow us @myticktalk to be the first to hear updates, news, and special offers!