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Error Messages on TickTalk My TickTalk

Error Messages on TickTalk

Why is my TickTalk saying No SIM?

Please turn your watch off and remove the SIM card. Inside the watch, you will see 8 gold pins. Please take your fingernails and gently lift them up about 50% of the way, re-insert the SIM card, and turn the watch on. You should see signal bars in the top left corner of the watch and the oval icon should turn white. On the TickTalk 4, slide the bottom screen up to see the oval icon and make sure it is white to indicate it is online. 

My SOS button says No Setting and will not call the SOS contact

Please press the silver button once to wake up the screen, then hold the red SOS button for five seconds to initiate the SOS call.

My TickTalk says Your TickTalk can only make calls until your app admin unlocks it

If your watch password is entered incorrectly multiple times, your TickTalk will lock all features except for voice calling. To fix the error message, go into your parental control app Settings > Watch Password. You can either reset the password or disable the password completely to remove the error message.