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How do I add an App User or contact for messaging and video calling? My TickTalk

How do I add an App User or contact for messaging and video calling?

All contacts who wish to video call or message the watch will need to download the free TickTalk app to ensure your child is only being contacted by your approved contacts. To add another app user to access messaging and video calling:

1. Have the person who would like to contact the watch download our free TickTalk app at the Apple or Google Play Store and sign up for an account

2. Once they download the app, select the avatar icon in the upper left corner and select Add Another TickTalk

3. Send the contact your watch TTID number which can be found in your watch Settings > Pair

4. Select Choose Your Device, click Next to skip the Network Connection and Find QR Code instructions, and select Pair With TTID number at the bottom portion of the screen

5. Enter the watch TTID number and the Primary User (you) will receive a notification for any add requests where you can give Full Access (access to everything you have access to including location and settings) or Limited Access (to be able to simply message and video call the watch).

6. Once you approve and set the access level, they'll be able connect to your TickTalk to send messages, group chats, video calls, and more! 

For more information, we made these videos for pairing to your TickTalk and approving other app users/setting individual access levels. For additional support, please reach out to our Support Team here.