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How is TickTalk different than other children's smartwatches? My TickTalk

How is TickTalk different than other children's smartwatches?

Founded by two parents who were searching for a way to connect with their child without giving the responsibility of a smartphone, TickTalk was designed to have all the important features of a cell phone while prioritizing children’s safety and privacy without compromising parental controls.

TickTalk was created by parents for parents and designed specifically with kids in mind. With no internet access, a custom-designed parental control App, accurate location tracking, numerous safety features, plus 24/7 security over our backend to protect users from any viruses or potential hacks, we offer the ultimate peace of mind for families over our competitors. Other large companies have multiple lines of products, offer little dedicated security, limited customer service assistance, and create products with huge audiences in mind. They typically use third-party developers or generic Apps and backends with potential security loopholes that may cause accidental disclosure of personal information and privacy.

Our entire operation is handled internally with the majority of our research and development taking place in the United States. We’ve designed our free TickTalk App and interface to be user-friendly and we incorporate the latest technology in our hardware and operating systems. The majority of our competitors are developed and designed by international startups that typically come with turnkey software and a generic App. Our engineers come with years of experience creating gadgets at companies like Samsung and Apple and continuously research the latest cutting-edge technology to guarantee our products are first-in-class. 

Watch our video to learn more about our TickTalk 4 smartwatch.